Pregnant Travel: How to Choose When to Book Your Holiday

Lots of women decide to take a holiday during pregnancy. It makes perfect sense — you’re tired, you’re busy, and you’re keen to have some time to relax and enjoy your freedom before the baby arrives.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re choosing when to book your holiday.

What kind of holiday do you want to go on?

The type of break you’re looking for will play a big part in when you book it.

If you’re hoping to go on a cruise, you’ll need to travel sooner rather than later. Pregnant women can’t take a cruise past 24 weeks because ships don’t have enough medical equipment to deal with a premature birth safely.

However, if you’re flying to a destination on land, you can travel for longer, normally up to between 32 and 36 weeks, depending on the airline. (It varies, so always check before you make plans.)

It’s also worth noting that most spas will not treat pregnant women until they’ve reached the second trimester (about 13 weeks). Make a note of this if prenatal pampering is a priority for your holiday.

Sticking to a staycation? You can travel at almost any time, as long as it’s not too close to your due date.

According to the NHS pregnancy guide, the likelihood of going into labour naturally increases once you reach 37 weeks — it’s wise to return from any trips before then.

What are your symptoms like?

Pregnancy is a huge change and brings with it a number of symptoms. They are often felt more during the first trimester when your body is adjusting to all hormonal changes. Most women suffer from morning sickness during this time.

During the third trimester, you’ll be bigger and therefore get tired a lot more easily.

It’s for these reasons most doctors suggest travelling during the second trimester, between 13–28 weeks. Your hormones will have settled down, giving you that beautiful pregnancy glow, and you’re likely to have more energy then, too.

For more information, read Holidaysafe’s breakdown of each trimester.

What are your plans?

As well as pregnancy, you and your partner will need to factor in your everyday commitments, whether they involve work, childcare, or a pet before you book your holiday. It helps to have everything written down on a calendar so no one’s plans are overlooked.

Where do you want to go?

Some destinations are blessed with a lovely climate all year round. Others have several different seasons, and these could influence when you book. Really hot weather may make you feel too uncomfortable; likewise, very cold temperatures may not be ideal either.

What would you take into consideration before you booked pregnant travel? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I had a very bad case of morning sickness throughout my pregnancy and was puking on my way to labour room. However, we went to Goa for 3 days in my 4th months and those 3 days were the best days ever as there was not a single bout of morning sickness. So yes, keeping in mind your health condition, one should go for ‘babymoon’. It revives you, both physically and mentally.

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