A Game Of Badminton

A for A game of badminton.

I was contemplating since so many days about what should my very first post be. I kept thinking but couldn’t find anything to write about that had given me so much joy worth mentioning. Then finally today, I had the perfect idea while on vacation playing a game of badminton with my daughter. 

Mishti didn’t know how to play badminton last year. We had just came to Ahmedabad from Mumbai and the entire country went into lockdown. We were lucky to be at Ahmedabad during this time as we had a a bigger place to stay and larger space around. Also we were lucky and blessed that our immediate family stays very close and Mishti was able to stay with her cousin for the first month of the lockdown. During her stay at my sis in law’s home, she learnt to play badminton. 

And then it became our evening routine to play badminton. It gave us so much joy. Both of us have had an active life and we were stuck at home. She was not swimming but at least because we had a huge space around we could play badminton each day.

So, while we were playing badminton today, I knew that this is exactly my first post for the BligchatterA2Z challenge. 

These were unprecedented times. We were constantly under stress and were not sure how the pandemic will pan out and what to expect in the future. Thus we decided to keep calm and smash hard. Badminton helped both us to relieve the stress and boredom. Each day passed easily as we would look forward to the evenings to play badminton.

Mishti has had a very hectic schedule managing school and competitive swim practice since she was 6 years old and we have never got so much time with each other to play other games or sports together. And this was such a wonderful opportunity to bond. 

A game of badminton gave us both so much joy. We laughed and fought. She would crib because I would not make it any easier for her to play. But it was all so much fun. Sometimes her father would join in too and her grand mother would watch us all play and be the cheerleader. We have never had such family time together staying at Mumbai. And while the pandemic has been very cruel and taken away close people from our lives, but it has also given us the opportunity to pause and taught us the importance of relationships. 

We have learnt to be more grateful and thankful for the blessings. It’s such small moments in our life which bring in bundles of joy. So take a moment, live in the moment and cherish them. 

I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z . 


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  24. This is such a well-written post. You won’t believe it but I planned to play Badminton with my daughter for the summer holidays this year. Your post inspires me to begin right away. Looking forward to more such glimpses in your life. #BlogchatterA2Z

    1. Do that, Tina. It is so much fun and takes mind away from the pandemic since it’s again on the rise. And thank you for always being so kind with your words, always appreciating me.

  25. Rediscovering simply joys can bring so much peace and goodwill, is the message your post gave to me, Aesha. I was left smiling as I finished reading it. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us. It is contagious:)

    1. I hope to increase my happiness like this and try to navigate through the negativity. That is my goal this April through my posts.

    1. Thank you, Tara. Yes, it’s hard but I know we are resilient and will sail through. I just hope our children are not denied of the childhood pleasure we so cherish.

  26. That’s such a lovely post. I will agree that pandemic did brought such beautiful moments when we were able to bond with kids be it playing games with them, or watching movies together, or even cooking. I too enjoyed kids at home. Glad mishti and you love your game of badminton and had some fond memories to cherish.

    1. Thank you, Pragun. I wanted that she has some fond memories of childhood as the pandemic has taken away the sheer joy that human interactions and friendships could bring to them.

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