N Is For Netflix

N Is For Netflix

It’s Friday evening, my weekend has officially started and I am going to chill now. And what better way but to watch a movie or couple of episodes of my favourite series on Netflix. 

Out of all the OTT platforms, Netflix is my favourite. It has been my bae during this past one year. I have watched numerous series and it has helped me forget at least for some time about the virus. My favourites have been Suits, the Good Wife, The Bold Type, Emily In Paris, Never Have I Ever and (do not judge me)but The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills as well. New Episodes have just been uploaded and I am going to watch those today. 

I was worried that my obsession to binge watch the series that I enjoy, is going to be bad for my brain and overall happiness and so I did bit of digging and as a matter of fact, a Netflix survey also found that 73 percent of participants reported positive feelings associated with binge-watching. 

Ok, I am feeling positive and happy as well so I didn’t worry, my brain is functioning fine and I will resume my plan for Friday evening now. 

Do share reviews of any good shows that I could watch. Wishing you a great weekend! 

I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z . 

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11 thoughts on “N Is For Netflix”

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    1. I was looking to watch something good on Netflix. Will certainly start watching, The Queen’s Gambit and You.

  2. Know what, I might be amongst the very few people who didn’t subscribe to Netflix. I have Amazon Prime and felt that one OTT platform was enough! Haha. Netflix does have some amazing shows. Hearing a lot about Ajeeb Daastaans. Suits is one of my favourites. Harvey Specter is just, uff!

  3. I’m Netflix addict and mainly coz of binge watch only. Lately enjoyed the Rabindranath Tagore’s stories and money heist too. Crown, masaba, Seaspiracy are few I can recall as my latest watch. Will surely check the real housewives post AtoZ.

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