P Is For Pamper

P Is For Pamper

Yesterday on a Sunday, I took all the time to pamper myself. I took a rest day and didn’t exercise. Most of the Sunday’s are active rest days for me but yesterday I took complete rest and decided to pamper myself doing things, I generally do not spend time on. 

I woke up a bit late in the morning. And took out time for a personal grooming session. Until now I didn’t really care about my dark circles and skin ageing. But I realised that now in the 40’s I should take out sometime to pamper my skin as well. Since the past one year, I am following a daily night care routine quite religiously. 

So, yesterday I put on a face pack and put on a hair mask. It felt nice. I realised I should be doing the every Sunday. Pampering yourself feels good. 

Until now, to pamper meant to workout, read a book, have a glass of wine and shop for footwear. I am an impulsive shopper when it comes to footwear. And since it was pampering day yesterday, I ended the day by buying myself another pair of training shoes. 

But I have tell you, just taking time out to pamper my skin and hair felt nice too. Earlier I would be too lazy to do it and remove the mask within five minutes. You know how people spend lot of time in the bathroom, I would always wonder what takes so much time. And yesterday I kind of tried it and enjoyed. And that’s why I thought why not write about it. 

There is always so much talk about self-care, inner healing. I am also guilty of judging women who apply a lot of make -up or talk about taking care of appearance but yesterday I realised that self-care is essentially doing something for yourself that gives you joy and peace. If applying make -up makes you feel beautiful do it, if choosing not to shave your hands and legs gives you joy just do it, if showing your real you without filters gives you happiness just do it and if putting up filters makes you feel confident, just do it. Pampering yourself means doing what you enjoy without caring about anyone else but yourself. 

What are your views? How do you pamper yourself? 

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13 thoughts on “P Is For Pamper”

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  6. I think we need no explanation or justification to pamper ourselves. You should do it more often, as it is certainly a mood uplifter.

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  8. I pamper myself with face packs and oiling hair and what not, mainly because it makes me feel good about myself. It doesn’t hurt to proactively try and look good. Do it more often, Aesha. Let’s rock the 40s! ??

  9. Pampering is essential! It keeps me sane and keep going. Pampering for me now is late night Netflix show or a movie or listening music which otherwise were a mask, reading a book till my eyes closed.

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