R Is For Reading Daily

R Is For Reading Daily

It is immensely difficult to write today’s post. But I gathered the courage because this writing challenge has kept me sane throughout this very tough month, April 2021. All through the past year I have avoided watching the news or read any what’s app messages or watched any videos that are being circulated during this pandemic, to particularly keep me away from any kind of negativity but today I have realised we cant’t avoid it. 

Rather we need to accept that the world is going to be different from now on and we have to deal with it. Until now I thought I was optimistic that all is going to be well but I now feel that I was in denial. I need to accept that this is what it is. Life in uncertain. We will face difficulties and we will have to find ways to heal ourselves. 

Today, while going through Instagram I read fellow blogger friend Charu’s post where she mentioned that everyday is not the same and there isn’t one way through which we can try to be positive. Different things work on different days. But we have to try and stay positive. And I agree with her. In the morning, I feel good, safe and secure and by evening hearing about the situation completely out of control worries me which leaves me sombre.  

Right now, I watched Faye D’Souza mentioning that there might be a triple mutation virus found in India and it scared the ‘****’ out of me. And I broke down. I have hearing so many of my friends losing their parents to the pandemic each day and I fear so much for my parents who stay alone with my 89 year old grandmother. While they have taken both the shots of the vaccine but the virus keeps mutating so we aren’t sure if it will protect them in any way. My daughter watched me and she got upset too. She said, I have been born just 12 years back, will the world end? Will all of us die? 

This made me realise, we don’t want our children to feel suffocated. We want to show them that we live in a beautiful world and that she has a beautiful future to look forward to. She should feel secure in my presence. She should have the faith that she is protected by us always. 

I have to be strong for my daughter. I have to gather myself up. Yes, I have learnt that finding a balance is an ongoing process. It’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s ok to feel sad, anxious but we are the human race, we are resilient and we have to find ways to overcome. 

So, after I finish this post, I am going to read. Reading at least 20 pages daily, is a habit I have been following since a couple of months now. Today’s post was planned because I knew I was going to write about why reading gives me joy, but due to the turn of events, that didn’t seem to flow naturally. I had to share here, honestly what I am going through right now because that is what I had decided while I chose the theme for the A2Z challenge. 

But yes, I know today reading is what will help me forget and look forward to tomorrow. It will transport me to a world far away from reality. And that is what I need right now. 

I have downloaded ‘Please Like Me’ by Mindy Kaling , have read good reviews about the book. It’s honest and hilarious, I think that’s just what I need to read. 

Let me know, what are you reading? And, yes have you participated in Blogchatter Reading Challenge? 

I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z . 

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5 thoughts on “R Is For Reading Daily”

  1. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Yes dear the time is tough and like you, I am also feeling so stressed and anxious nowadays. agree reading is a great way to give a fresh direction to our thought process.

  2. lovely post. Reading was something that i absolutlyy loved doing it. but after kids, and covid, i am unable to take time for it. writing i am still continuning it wilth diffuculty

  3. Happy to read your post, reading does take the mind off all the distressing news. Each day is different, kids look up to us. Beautiful post.

  4. I can feel this Aesha. Reading really is therapeutic. Go for it. Writing, reading, watching stuff that make me happy are some of my stress busters. We will all get through this. Keep doing what you love.

  5. Reading daily is good. For me it is like “once upon a time”.

    Life is definitely going to change, the only way to live is by acceptance. “When will this stop?” keeps hitting us daily.

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