T Is For Trekking Trip

T Is For Trekking

Since the day, I went on a solo travel trip just for a day couple of years back, I have been wanting to do that again. I think this time it’ll be for a week.  

That one day gave me so much to look forward to that I want to do that soon. Maybe after things are really normal, and it’s safer to travel, the first trip I am going to make is going to a place in the hills which isn’t much travelled. 

Maybe a trekking trip would be a great way to find some peace and calm. We have been with the family constantly and not that I have not cherished this time, I have, I have written multiple times about that as well but I am really looking forward to going somewhere alone. 

I was actually contemplating, what do I want more or what will give me more joy; whether a luxury pleasure trip solo or a trekking trip and I think I will choose a trekking trip in the hills. Because one that is the only way I am going to find a way to get out of the home alone, because I do not think anyone else in my family would be as excited as me to go on a trekking trip. And two, because a solo trekking trip will give me opportunity to gain self-confidence, make me more creative, it’ll give me opportunity to make quick decisions and will give me chance to detox from social media. 

I have always been this person who loves to go to places which are not very touristy. But haven’t been really able to do that because when we travel with family or friends, we generally need to plan in a way that works for all. I like exploring new places , just walking on the streets, absorbing the culture around, eating local food and exploring facets of myself which maybe I haven’t until, now. So, I know a trekking trip soon will be a great way for me to introspect, find sometime alone in solitude, do things which I haven’t been able to on family trips. 

Just dreaming about it, is giving me so much joy. I hope I am able to do this soon. Hope we all can travel again without fear. 

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  1. Wow, we ought to be soul sisters since a trekking trip has been on my mind for long. I wish I could say let’s go together but then it won’t be solo, no? 😉

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