U Is For Unplug

U Is For Unplug

Being a blogger, it always has been difficult for me for being able to unplug from the social media. I have constantly faced this pressure of being relevant and consistent on social media. There have been times, wherein I haven’t been able to post content on social media because I felt I didn’t have the right image to be posted along with the content. 

I have also been tempted to buy followers for my Instagram initially when micro blogging started to take over the blogging space. But, I am glad, I was able to overcome that urge soon before I was pulled into it. That’s when I decided to unplug. It has been two years now since the time I decided not to push myself to do something I do not enjoy. I didn’t want to be under any stress and feel the pressure to constantly keep checking if my picture is getting enough likes and follows. While I love to blog and that’s why I have been doing it since 7 years now, I cannot become a social media influencer. 

When I started my blog, sharing the blog posts on social media was just a means to gain audience for your blog. But when micro blogging became big, I kind off was left behind because I wasn’t comfortable posing in front of camera. Big kudos to all those bloggers who embraced it and took efforts to move out of their comfort zone. However, it was not something I was able to do. I consider that my failure, but I also consider that as a stepping stone to actually finding my purpose. 

The decision thus to unplug got me into a space wherein I felt free. I actually started creating better content. It resonated more with my audience. And though 6K followers is like way low as per industry standards, this number stopped bothering me. 

Now, I could be gone from social media and not worry about it. Though it may have been suicidal for my career as a blogger, but the brands who value my work, who are following the content I post on my blog still approach me. Also, I didn’t start blogging with a desire to make it my profession. So, my decision to unplug actually made me conscious of my strengths. I now knew that in the effort to conquer my weakness, I was not concentrating on my strengths. 

I know what I want in my life. I know how to balance my profession as a blogger and my career counselling venture. I definitely want to keep blogging and writing for brands in the education and wellness space. And I am better prepared to manage it well as I have a clear understanding of my life goals. 

Sometimes one should know when to quit. And I did that at the right time. I quit the pressure and the burden. I unplugged and found my true calling. Also, that’s why I decided to have an agency manage the social media for my counselling venture so that I could focus on actually what I enjoy and that is having a role to play as a guide to students for their careers.   

I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z . 

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  4. You are brave enough to put this up! I too felt the same, wasnt comfortable posing to camera for pictures for insta. Yet i started small. yes, it took time to get good pictures for insta. but many tries. now, i feel i can post pictures and get good feedback aabout it

  5. I agree totally..In January I had a total burnout. I hated insta suddenly. It became so toxic for me..It still is but I am posting only about A2Z or sponsored posts which are rare for me. Can u please tell me how u get sponsored blogs? I am an old lady and I dunno how or where to pitch.

    1. Hi. You are so amazing, Harjeet. Your strength is your age, your life experiences. Currently I am only collaborating with brands through blogchatter and work on barter with fitness products brands Fast & Up & wellness brand Setu.

  6. Hi5 from a fellow camera shy. I just cannot pick a camera and talk to it. I have stopped worrying if I dont do great on microblogging platform.

  7. We must what what we love and become better at that.
    Even I share your views.
    Unplugging is a must. I take my own time on social media.

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