X Is For Xyst

X Is For Xyst

I will be honest. I had no clue about what I was going write about today. All my posts have been prompt and not planned but it’s easy to write on all the other letters except ‘X’. You always find something you can relate to but not with ‘X’. 

I am thinking here, staring at my laptop if I should write about experiences that give me joy but that would become repetitive as I have been sharing my personal experiences and I wasn’t convinced.

I turned to google, looking for words starting with the letter ‘X’ and I found my word. I learnt a new word and you won’t believe but this word has significance for me at least because of where we are right now. 

So, for those who don’t know ‘Xyst’ means a covered portico, as a promenade in ancient Greek and Roman architecture; a garden walk planted with trees in an ancient Roman villa.

No, I have nothing to do with Rome or Roman heritage, I have never visited Rome as well so such travel experience to share as well that was joyful. 

Though Ahmedabad is my hometown and I certainly feel blessed to be closer to family here but Mumbai is the city that I have grown to love. We used to live at Goregaon in Mumbai and it’s quite a task to drive to Bandra in the evenings, yet we would visit the promenade there every other weekend. My husband commutes 33 kms one way daily for work, yet I remember numerous times that we have drove to the Bandra promenade around 10:00 PM and have a stroll or just sit by the sea. Even countless times we would go to the Worli promenade drink coffee or hot boiled corn and spend some time with each other. And I miss that badly. I know it’s the most responsible thing to do right now to just sit at your home and be safe but my heart hurts that we are unable to do something we love and enjoy.  

I feel guilty even to think optimistic these days because so many of us have lost their dear ones but I want to keep believing that things will improve. I will be back at Mumbai by this year end I am sure and hope that by then like other countries of the world, India would also have been able to win this fight against Covid. 

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3 thoughts on “X Is For Xyst”

  1. I just loved your candid post!! You are right, this X gives us a hard time but see, you found such a beautiful word. After reading your description of the Xyst, I literally visualized a garden walk and it felt amazing.
    Let’s hope the things get better soon. Till then, let’s not stop inspiring and supporting each other. Best wishes 🙂

  2. I could feel the yearning in your post for those carefree pre-coVid days. Don’t worry it won’t be long before we can all get back to doing what we really like rather than being closeted in our homes. And thanks for the new word. X is always a difficult letter to write on and this was a very innovative and clever way of doing it. I hope you come back to Bombay soon and we can all meet up as we once did in the Bandra Cafe not very far from your Xyst on Bandra seaface. Or perhaps on the Bandra Promenade itself?

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