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7 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Beautiful and smooth skin is every woman’s dream, especially the one without any trace of hair. And summer is the time when women love wearing dresses to show off their skin. Waxing, threading and bleaching are the most common and cheapest means to get rid of unwanted hair. But if you are tired of those weekly trips to the salon and would like for some treatment that has more permanence, then laser hair removal is one thing you shouldn’t hesitate to try.

Laser hair reduction clinics offer a wide range of services. Laser treatment for smooth skin, laser hair reduction, hair removal and permanent hair removal along with skin treatment for summer skin are some of the treatments available. But there are lots of myths that are floating about laser hair removal that can make you shy away from trying these. Laser treatment destroys the hair follicles rather than helping the hair to grow back. The price in which you get the treatment done is worth the time that you might waste on your weekly salon trips. More than anything else, the treatment is not as unbearable as it is made to sound. Though there is a little sting, using a topical anaesthesia or ice pack on the area before the treatment does help in alleviating the mild pain.

Here is debunking 7 myths about laser hair removal treatment.


  1. Myth: Laser can harm the internal organs

 Fact: People generally link it with X-rays. But this is not the case. The laser used in laser treatment is different from X-rays. It doesn’t penetrate deep enough below the skin to cause damage or failure of any internal organs. The laser only goes up to 4 mm beneath the skin.

  1. Myth: It can lead to fertility issues

Fact: The radiation in laser treatment is negligible in comparison to that of x-rays. And its reach is just 4 mm beneath the skin. So it is not possible for it to harm the reproductive organs at all.

  1. Myth: Laser treatment leads to skin cancer

Fact: This is another rumour that the uninformed believe. But again not true. On the other hand, lasers are used to treat different forms of skin damage and skin cancer. The amount of radiation used in laser hair removal is very small, that it is almost negligible.

  1. Myth: Dark-skinned people cannot benefit from laser treatment

Fact: The first FDA approved laser targeted the melanin in the hair follicles of light-skinned people, so it came to be believed that dark-skinned people cannot opt for this treatment. But since then technology has advanced a lot, any laser treatment is possible for any skin colour.

  1. Myth: It is a one-time affair and results are permanent

Fact: Like any other treatment, laser treatment also requires to follow up sessions. Individual hair follicles can be destroyed completely in one sitting of the laser hair removal treatment, but all the hair follicles cannot be completely destroyed. Based on the individual person’s hair growth, the dermatologist will advise as to the number of sessions required in one procedure. Even after the procedure is done, a repeat treatment for maintaining the results is advised every six months.

  1. Myth: Laser treatment can be given by anyone

Fact: Definitely not the case. Like any other treatment, this too requires a qualified and licensed dermatologist to carry it out. If not done by a professional, laser hair removal procedures can leave the skin damaged, burnt and disfigured.

  1. Myth: Laser Hair removal treatment is only for facial hair

Fact: Laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body to remove unwanted hair. Except around the eyes, it can be done on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back, underarms and the bikini area.

laser hair removal

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So instead of getting misguided by rumours and baseless beliefs, it is best to approach a reputed laser hair reduction clinic with credibility and seek advice from a qualified dermatologist.

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  1. Thank you for dispelling these common myths about laser hair removal. It’s crucial to consult a qualified dermatologist at a reputable clinic to achieve smooth, hair-free skin safely and effectively.

  2. Laser hair removal is one of the most consistently done non-surgical cosmetic procedure. However, there exist some wrong beliefs about laser hair removal. Here, in this post, the author has revealed some common myths about laser hair removal. Well, I would like to tell that laser hair removal is extremely advantageous. It can be done anywhere in the body. The pain level associated with this treatment falls in between shaving and waxing. Consult the best medical practitioner to make the most out of this treatment.

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    1. Thanks Prerna. I agreed to share this article by Dr Jangid as there are many myths on laser hair removal, and it was good to debunk these

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