150 Brilliant Ideas To Keep Young Minds Fit & Fine- Book Review

About the author:

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Neera Maini Srivastav is a writer and an advertising professional. She has written three books in young adult fiction genre namely ‘The White Crow, ‘The Adventures of the Bubblegum Boy” and “1 friend request sent from Hanuman’. ‘150 Brilliant Ideas to Keep Young Minds Fit & Fine’ is her first non-fiction book. Neeta found that young adults have very limited reading aids addressing the issues of mental and physical wellness as compared to numerous choices that adults have. Also there is a huge increase of juvenile obesity and depression amongst teenagers and there is a need to address the same.

 About the book:‘150 Brilliant Ideas To Keep Young Minds Fit & Fine’ is a compilation of 150 stimulating and motivational ideas to empower personality and inculcate positivity in life. The book is written in a simple and lucid language without being too preachy. This book is essentially written for the young adults.

The book is covered in three sub topics; Mind your body, Mind your mind and Mind your spirit. Each idea is shared in a short and concise manner without an instructional tone as the book is for a teenage reader. The book covers the topics like menstruation, sex, addictions in a very subtle manner which is the need of the hour and very important topics to be discussed with young people.  Neera also stresses on the significance of spirituality, prayer and meditation to calm the mind of a youngster.

Teenagers need guidance but they do not like to be sat down to have a talk and it is also not an ideal manner to provide them help. They would consider it as nagging from the adult. Neera’s book thus comes to the rescue of parents who want to communicate their concerns in an ideal manner. Teenagers can read the book and gain insights into their body, mind and spirit through these 150 ideas.

The heart of the book for me is the list of affirmations at the end of each sub topic.  These affirmations are relevant for all age groups and should be practised as a part of daily routine.

‘150 Brilliant Ideas To Keep Young Minds Fit & Fine’ addresses importance of holistic health and wellness in youngsters in a contemporary manner. It is a simple yet exhaustive compilation to guide young adults in today’s highly competitive environment.

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150 Brilliant Ideas To Keep Young Minds Fit & Fine

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  1. I liked your review Aesha. What you say is true, young minds these days have their own opinions and will make up their own minds. Reaching out to them can sometimes be difficult for parents and adults. Books like these may help.

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