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Book Review – Deal Of Death

I have read Sonia’s work while connecting with her through social media. When her debut eBook ‘Deal of Death’ released on Blogchatter website, it was the initial ones which created a huge buzz with the maximum downloads. I was intrigued and downloaded the book immediately but read it yesterday (I would like to blame my laziness and too much of writing during the April A To Z challenge for this).

I enjoyed the book and here is my review.

About the Author:

Sonia Chatterjee holds two post- graduation degrees in the fields of Chemistry and Management. She took a sabbatical after eight years of corporate experience in the banking sector to become a writer. She blogs about food, travel, movies, parenting, personal journeys and social issues at

Her articles have also been featured and trended on websites such as Momspresso, Women’s web, Youth Ki Awaaz, Bonobology, Tuck’s magazine, Period magazine, BlogAdda and Readomania.

About the Book:

‘Deal of Death’ is a mystery thriller and the protagonist of the story is detective Raya Ray. Raya Ray has resigned from her hi profile marketing job after a personal tragedy. After moving back to her hometown, she starts her detective agency. While she is busy solving mundane cases, she receives a call from her housemaid’s sister – Sharmila to help her solve the case of her missing baby. That’s when Raya Ray visits Munshiganj. On arrival, she finds out that the peaceful town is affected by paranormal activity. Sharmila shares about her doubts of having delivered a stillborn. A dead body, a secret inside the temple, soon Ray realizes no one is what they appear to be.

What I Liked:

I found the detective fiction exciting and thrilling. I like the characterization of the protagonist. The author portrays a strong-willed character in Raya Ray. Even after a setback in life and after giving up her hi profile career, she dabbles into unchartered waters by being a detective and succeeds as well.

I like the fast pace of the story. The plot is complex, sometimes confusing towards the end of the story yet it’s captivating. I assumed that I had guessed who the criminal was and I did solve the mystery to some extent, however just at that point the author reveals a new twist. This makes the story more thrilling.

I know for a fact that the author conceptualized and wrote this thriller in 6 days which is extremely commendable being her very first book. I would like to recommend this book to read and can vouch that you won’t be disappointed.

To download click here:

Deal Of Death

Author’s Note: This book review is my sixth entry for Bar-A-Thon on BlogARhythm for my theme ‘Marathon of Ebook Reviews’.


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