Book Review- Tales With A Twist

I have loved mysteries and tales with twists ever since my childhood and the times, I started choosing books for myself to read.

So, when I came across the Varadharajan Ramesh’s Book ‘Tales with the twist’,  I had to read it. It was one of the first books I downloaded during the Blogchatter Ebook carnival but I read it yesterday. Something about the title suggested that it will be the one that I will like the most from those that I had selected. And I like to save the best for last.

For the BarAThon challenge as well, I wanted to share this review on the last day but couldn’t stop myself from writing it after reading the book.

About the Author:

Varadharajan Ramesh is a 30-something entrepreneur. A voracious reader, he has been coming up with stories from the age of ten. Having taken to blogging in 2017, he has been penning pieces of fiction, both small and large.

About the book:

‘Tales With A Twist’ is a collection of short stories. The book includes 23 short stories and a long one ‘The Malolan Chronicles- The Killer Film’. As the title suggests, every story has a twist at the end.

What I liked:

I liked the book in totality. So, you start reading the story, you are at the edge of your seat, can’t guess what will happen next and here comes the twist in the tale. There isn’t a story which I didn’t like. Every story is unique as well. Some stories will send shivers down your spine and a few will make you laugh.

Gripping narration, interesting characterization, varied stories set in various locations and time. This book has it all.

My favourite stories are ‘The Malolan Chronicles’ and ‘The Loop’. The author has saved the best for the last.

I also liked ‘Repairing Cushions’. Varad has used the English words skillfully here and has a super message for parents as well.

Reading this book was like a roller coaster ride, twisting and turning with every story. My recommendation would be to download it soon and read it for free. Click on the link below to download it:

Tales With A Twist

Author’s Note: The review of Tales With A Twist is my fifth book review for the BarAThon and third for the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.



5 thoughts on “Book Review- Tales With A Twist”

  1. Loved Varad’s stories, he kept us all entertained during AtoZChallenge. I have started writing tales with a twist thanks to Varad and Anurag’s influence 🙂

  2. Varad is synonymous with twists in the plot. You can never see the end coming the way he ends the stories. Strong on content and characterization, his stories always have an ace to score. I am a fan of his stories. Downloading the book now as I had missed on reading some of his stories during A to Z.
    Thanks for sharing.

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