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Heads You Win – A Book Review

This is my first book review this year for the Write Tribe Reading Challenge. I was gifted Jeffery Archer’s ‘Heads You Win’ by my dear friend Priya Bajpai who is an awesome author and a has a fiction blog. Visit PriyReflects to read her stories.

It is difficult for me to review a Jeffery Archer book. I haven’t done that before. I am a huge fan. I like everything he writes. My dad introduced me to him when I read Kane And Abel from his book collection. I guess I was in school when I read it and fell in love with his writing. I have read most of his books.

Here is a short review of his latest book ‘Heads You Win’.

About the book:

On the docks of Leningrad in the Soviet Union lives Alexander Karpenko. Soviet Union is under the control of KGB in the year 1968. No decision is taken in the Soviet Union without the KGB’s approval. In such times, Alexander Karpenko’s father attempts to defy the state and is assassinated by the KGB leaving no other option for Alexander and his mother, Elena but to escape from Leningrad to save their lives.

At the docks, they are confronted with an irreversible choice: Should they board a container bound for America or Great Britain.

Alexander chooses to toss a coin to make his decision.

Here, comes in a double twist. Archer’s narrative takes the reader along with Alex and Elena to America or with Sasha and Elena to England.

What I liked:

Archer offers sensational storytelling about how Alexander’s life shapes up in America or England, with certain similarities in their lives as well as contrasting differences with a sensational twist at the end.

Amongst the supporting characters, I especially like Elena Karpenko’s character in the story. Here is a strong-willed mother who creates an empire of her own and provides the best for her son.

Heads You Win is an amalgamation of political, social and emotional storytelling. Its intriguing for the reader to find out how a young boy deals with oppression and life challenges. Also, the author keeps the reader guessing until the end and makes it difficult for the reader to decide whether Alex has a better life or Sasha.

heads you win

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Heads You Win is an entertaining and captivating story which will keep the reader thinking even after the end.

4 thoughts on “Heads You Win – A Book Review”

  1. Somehow missed this review, Aesha. I am glad that you enjoyed the book. I haven’t read this one yet, but hope to read it soon.
    Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Jeffrey Archer is always a rollercoster ride. I have not read many books by him but the ones I read have been great. Thanks for this review Aesha.

    1. You are right, Acher rarely disappoints. There are few negative reviews about the book as well but well, I like Jeffery Archer’s work so most of the times I enjoy reading his work.

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