A To Z Challenge 2018


My First Interview As An Author

It has been quite an enriching journey of being a blogger to an author in a span of three years. It’s a very special feeling when you get the opportunity to call yourself an author. Today is a very significant day for me as my first ever interview as an author has been published by Anshu …

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‘Decoding Midlife’- My Debut Ebook Now Published.

When I started blogging, I had never imagined even in my wildest dreams that I will ever be a published author. But within a period of three years, I self-published my ebook ‘Decoding Midlife’ all because of the encouragement of my readers, friends and family. I can’t thank you all enough. This has been possible …

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The Month That April Was – A To Z Reflections.

What a month April has been! I got dark circles under my eyes, suffered from hair loss. Sleepless nights, restless days and practically no social life. My family was concerned about my well- being. My Dad told me, “Do not pressurize yourself so much. You should enjoy the process. It should not take a toll …

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Z Is For Zest #Decoding Midlife

Zest – Great enthusiasm and energy Generally, we feel enthusiastic at the beginning of any task that we take up. There is the excitement of the newness and the energy to put in our best efforts to be successful. When we complete the task, there is either contentment of satisfactory completion or disappointment if we …

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Y Is For Youthful #Decoding Midlife

Youthful is defined as young or seeming young. I remember one of my friend from school wouldn’t be too excited about her birthday. She didn’t like the fact that she aged a year more. Maybe if I ask her today she might not feel the same or she would feel even worse. I guess it’s …

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X Is For X-Factor #Decoding Midlife

X-factor – A noteworthy special talent or quality. No one wants to be around grumpy people. And midlife can make you grumpy and sad. So, what to do? There are only two options. Either you can be grumpy or you can get over that grumpiness and show your X- Factor. What is X-factor? You can …

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W Is For Willingness #Decoding Midlife

Willingness (noun) – The quality or state of being prepared to do something; readiness. As a society, we have been conditioned into believing that midlife is a crisis situation. However, we are masters of our lives and we have the power within us to choose the direction in which we want our lives to move. …

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V Is For Volunteer #Decoding Midlife

Volunteer(noun), – A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. This month-long challenge and writing about midlife have been a wonderful learning experience for me. Writing about my aspirations from midlife has made me weave beautiful dreams for myself. I have this new found urge within myself to …

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U Is For Unique #DecodingMidlife

Unique – Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. Our beliefs, our temperament, thoughts, behaviour make our personality. Each one has a different personality. Everyone is unique in their own way. However, midlife can be overwhelming. And it would want us to question our sense of self. There could be feelings of …

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T Is For Travel #DecodingMidlife

Travel – To go from one place to another, take a trip; journey. Midlife can become a period of discontent that can produce feelings of boredom, doubt, anger, and unease. Midlife crisis brings along feelings of anxiety, stress, restlessness and regrets of missing out on things. So, would you know what works best to get …

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