A Tale Of True Friendship

It’s a long weekend and what better to do then write stories. So as I write my posts for the upcoming Pro-blogger challenge that I am participating for the next month on Write Tribe; our youngest contributor Mishti Shah writes a story on bravery and friendship for Children’s Corner on our website.

A Tale of True Friendship

Once there was a girl named Anusha.  She was a sweet and funny girl. She had a pet dog named Robby. Robby always wanted to play with Anusha. One day Anusha’s father planned a vacation to Goa. She was so happy that she started to pack her bag immediately. Then the D- day arrived when they had to go to Goa. As she reached the resort room at Goa she was pleasantly surprised as the room was very big. She had never seen a big hotel room like this. After they had their lunch they went to a beach.

Anusha started playing in the water. Robby started wriggling his tail and running around the beach. Both Anusha and Robby were excited to play in the ocean. While they were playing in the water, suddenly there came a huge tide and Robby was pulled away into the sea and started drowning. Anusha saw him and got sacred. Anusha immediately dived in the water to save him. As she was a swimmer she could swim very fast and rescued Robby. Anusha’s parents were very proud of her as she showed courage and her true friendship with Robby.

Moral of the story : Be brave and help everyone.

Do your children write stories too? Do encourage them to write.

Since the time my daughter has started developing an interest in writing stories and essays, I am observing a change in her as a person. She has become calmer and writing is becoming therapeutic for her. I am also observing a change in her writing pattern which I shall discuss in my next post. I shall also talk about ways to help children to develop writing skills. So stay tuned.

Until then, if you have stories written by your children, I will be happy to publish it on About Parent And Kid.

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