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Why It’s Fine To Look For A Career Change At Any Age

Career change at any age? Is it the right thing to do, you may ask.

When I took a break from my career as a teacher, it was a temporary move. I had never thought I won’t be going back to my profession after a sabbatical of a couple of years. However, the couple of years turned into 6 years until I decided to start using my time more productively and start to blog on my parenting experiences. My blog at that time was called ‘About Parent and Kid’.

My first career change in my 30’s

When I started blogging around the year 2015-16 I never knew it will become my profession for the next 5 years. And while I enjoyed it, I wanted to get back to mentoring students. So, I decided at the age of 39 that I need to study, get certified and become a career counsellor. 

Blogging for 6 years was a huge learning experience. In the process of writing for brands and generating content for social media, I learnt the many nuances of being an entrepreneur. And that gave me the confidence to make a career change, start my own business as a career counsellor. 

My reason for sharing my experience is because I believe if I can do it so can others and want to help other professionals take the plunge to change careers. You could be someone who feels bored in their current profession or is not valued as an employee in the current workplace or your current job profile has become obsolete due to technological advancement. 

There could be many reasons to feel unstable and unsatisfied in your career. That said, you could be fearful to make a change or be under the influence of societal pressures or insecurity could be the reason stopping you from making the change. 

Why and when should you look for a career change?

A career should give you happiness. You should be excited each day to go to work. It should be in alignment with your aspirations and so you should look for a career change if you seek that satisfaction from your career. 

Most of the time we believe in ourselves but are just waiting for that push, validation, support or encouragement to make the decision of a career change. So, here I am to assure you that there shouldn’t be any reason to hold you back. Also, it’s never too late to change your career. 

Here are few benefits of making that change in your career if you are contemplating it but are not confident of taking that plunge. 

Benefits of a career change

  1. You get a chance to follow your passion.
  2. You get satisfaction from overcoming challenges.
  3. You see the growth and advancement in your career with better opportunities since they are in alignment with your aspirations. 
  4. You are able to enhance your current profile.
  5. The change is a better alternative to the current profile.
  6. Your stress level decreases because now the job gives more enjoyment.
  7. You are able to find the work-life balance that was elusive.
  8. Priorities could shift as you age and it is beneficial if one changes the career path accordingly. 
  9. Reduction to stress-induced due to profession leads to improvement in overall health. 
  10. Change in career after years of experience means you will be able to tap into the benefits of already having a substantial professional network. 

A career change is possible at any stage in life. There are scientific tools such as the psychometric assessment to help you come to a decision to make this change in your career. These psychometric assessments for professionals have over 90% of accuracy which can help you achieve clarity in making the career change. 

In the next post, I will share the steps you need to take if you wish to make a career change at any age. So, do visit again. 

Also, before I sign off, here is the link on my website if you wish to take the psychometric test. 

Career Assessment Tests For Professionals

A change in career at any age though difficult is not impossible. It’s just about pushing your boundaries, isn’t it?

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48 thoughts on “Why It’s Fine To Look For A Career Change At Any Age”

  1. Many women including me will relate to your post, Aesha! I don’t think there’s any right or wrong way of going about your life. #MyFriendAlexa #TinaPicks

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  3. Who dares wins! Its doable these days but not back in my time. I started my career at 40 and I struggled t find work. Most places would say no just because of my age. Times have changed and now online jobs are there as well.

  4. The good thing is, now that we have internet, almost anyone can pick up a skill, explore a bit more about what they like and test the waters before taking the decision to quit and explore something new.

  5. Love your take on a career change. Well, coming to me, I started my career at 30 after 2 kids. going well. And yes, if i feel the need to change the way of what i am doing. i wont take a step back. i would go for the chanhge

  6. Reading this post makes such a positive impact. I have changed my career twice and I love where I have reached. I think one needs to believe in what they doing and with time, relevance of certain things in life change for sure so you need to be flexible.

  7. it’s very motivating to think that you’ve done so much and took the leap of faith by perusing career of your choice. I agree with you that age doesn’t matter the passion that drives to towards it matters.

  8. When you get fixed income every month, you get in the comfort zone. Then thinking about the change is scary as there is insecurity. Your post will push many to give a serious thought to career change.

    1. That is true. Most of the time it is the fear of the unknown and insecurity that stops one from making a change but if your passion and hard work are aligned then success definitely follows.

  9. Following one’s passion is so important. Glad you wrote this post that challenges the norms! Personally, I have changed my profession multiple times and even today, I wear many hats. Glad there is someone who thinks like me. Thanks for this post!

  10. It is easier to change career when someone has no responsibilities. But it is better to make the change than keep doing what you don’t enjoy

    1. So true, Madhu. It is the fear of losing financial security to take care of responsibilities is that stops one from making a career change. But I have observed that if you don’t enjoy the work then growth in that particular career also stops and you become stagnant. But yes, it is certainly a difficult choice to make. I guess taking expert guidance helps in such cases.

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