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Making A Career Plan Based on Multi-dimensional Career Assessment Test

At least 90% of students in school and graduate programs across the country are confused for their most suitable career option.

There are multiple times in my experience as a career counsellor that I am approached by fresh graduates who have studied from top universities and have finished the course with top grades but do not like the job that they are offered or that they are doing. In such a scenario, they get frustrated and then they finally quit. It is not because of their abilities but because of lack of your interest in their career choice. Many times students choose the trending careers or make the choice of careers decision based on the monetary benefits and do not consider the more essential factors. 

There are two trends as to how students make their career choices.

They identify their ‘interest’ and set off in that chosen path.

They choose what’s popular and what their friends are going to do. 

Both of these approaches are not the ideal way to make a career decision as  these do not take into consideration critical elements which influence career decisions. 

In order to minimise taking wrong career decisions, it’s best to make a career plan based on multi dimensional career assessment test. 

What is a career assessment test?

A career assessment test is a scientific tool that helps career counsellor or individual to identify career interest, passion and abilities of the individual to be used in the career counselling process.

These tests usually have multiple choice questions and are designed by psychologists. They are structured in a way that in the end, you get to know what are the possible careers that align with your skillset, likes and dislikes.

Importance of career assessment test

Career assessments help a student discover the innate traits, skills, and talents. 

It’s helpful to understand the strengths, and areas of development, and then finalising a career choice.

The biggest benefit is better understanding of one’s career needs and possibilities based on who they actually are, and discovering all the alternatives that could work for them. When coupled with professional counsel, career assessments could very well help one draft a roadmap for their entire career.

A multi-dimensional career assessment test, accesses individuals on all key parameters such as personality, career interest, learning style, career motivators and skills and abilities. This multi-dimensional approach helps a counsellor to map the best career path for the student.

Without a career assessment test,  one would most likely be spending a lot of time and effort exploring and end up losing all this time and money invested if things don’t go the right way. It is always better before venturing into career get done career assessment test and identify the best suitable career option that saves a lot of time and money. 

Type of Career Assessments:

Career Assessment tests are very useful tool for career counsellors and it cannot be same for all study stages and age group.  Selection of wrong assessment will negatively impact on career counselling and career decision making. Every psychometric assessment test is designed and tested for a set age group and study stage. Career assessment test for 5 class students will be different than 12th class students and even working professionals.

Thus, it is necessary to select a career assessment test wisely. While there are many tests out there in the market, one should look at all parameters to ensure that they are choosing the right tool to help them decide their future. I recommend a multi-dimensional test as it tests a student/professional on all key parameters.

If you wish to take a multi -dimensional career assessment test. Click on the link below:

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