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In this blog, I am featuring Meghna Rathore, an exceptional professional Maternity, New  born, Baby, and Kid photographer who has been providing professional photoshoot services for expecting moms and parents in the Delhi NCR region for many years.

Meghna is a professional new born, baby, kid, and maternity photographer. She specialises in experimenting with the natural settings of both the subject and their surroundings in order to produce a natural shot. She provides professional new born photography (5 Days – 30 Days), professional baby photography (1 Month – 5 Months), sitter photography (5 Months – 1 Year), kid photography (1 Year and above) and maternity photography at both her home studio in Gurgaon and outdoor locations in Delhi NCR region. She has more than 10 years of professional photography experience clicking professional pictures of expecting mothers, new born and babies.

In the Delhi NCR region, she is regarded as one of the greatest pregnancy, new born, and infant photographers. Her Google review rating of 5 stars is a testament to her excellent work and happy clients. Her indoor home-based studio in Gurgaon is quite warm and cosy, and it is conveniently connected to numerous sites in Delhi NCR. She serves clients from all areas of Delhi NCR region including Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Fridabad, Ghaziabad etc.

After the birth of her first child, she began her professional photography career in the United States. She enjoyed shooting photos, and it evolved into a passion and, eventually, a profession for her. She acquired specialised training from internationally known professional new born and maternity photographers in the United States. Before returning to Delhi, she worked as a professional photographer in the United States. She then began her professional photography career in Delhi, working her way up to become one of the area’s best photographers.

You can see Meghna Rathore’s work portfolio at website and Instagram profile.


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She provides following professional photography services for clientele in Delhi NCR area.

Professional Maternity Photography

Meghna Rathore has been photographing pregnant mothers for many years as a professional maternity photographer. She understands the emotions that an expecting woman goes through while carrying a kid in her womb because she is a mother of two. Nothing compares to the beauty of a pregnant woman. She undergoes different physique transformations, which makes her immensely appealing. You can go through her  maternity portfolio here to get a glimpse of her maternity photo session offerings and previous photo shoot albums.

Meghna Rathore



Meghna Rathore


Professional Newborn Photography

Because a newborn infant grows so quickly and all of its feelings are valuable, a newborn photo shoot is the finest way to record the peacefulness of newborn babies for all time. That innocent grin, that cutest yawn, and those pink lips, those little feet, those wonderful eyes, those teeny tiny toes and fingers, that innocent smile, that cutest yawn, and those rosy lips. This is what she captures for you and your kid in a very special way. She may pose your newborn in a variety of ways, including floral, pail, concept, and family settings. She has experience with newborns as early as ten days old.

Her client said she has a magical demeanour that calms down the newborn. To newborn ears, she’s like a whisperer. During the photography, the safety and conformity of the infant is the most important thing to her. She makes sure that all of the cloths, wraps, and other items that come into contact with the infant are clean, hygienic, and soft. She carefully handles the baby and ensures that he or she is comfortable throughout the session. She is also known for giving new parents helpful pointers on how to handle their newborns, having done hundreds of newborn sessions.

She suggests getting a newborn photo shoot done when newborn is less than 30 days old as that is the best time to form those unique newborn poses. You can see her amazing newborn photography portfolio here and can access the newborn photo shoot albums here.

Meghna Rathore


Meghna Rathore


Meghna Rathore

Professional Baby Photography

Meghna Rathore is also a professional baby photographer who specialises in photographing the new born ranging in age from one month to five months. The new born grows every day during this time, and their face features alter dramatically. As a result, she advises having a baby photo shoot done before the baby begins to sit up on his own.

For babies between the ages of one and five months, she offers a freestyle baby photo shoot. When a new born reaches the age of one month, their strength begins to develop, making it more difficult to swaddle them in wraps. Rather than pushing the baby, she opts for a free-style baby photo shoot, in which she uses identical themes and concepts as a new born but keeps the baby’s attire a little more relaxed. This photography approach assures that the subject is entirely conformable when posing.

She has a very wide range of themes and concepts to capture the baby features and family bonding during a baby photo short. You can see her baby photo shoot portfolio work here.

Meghna Rathore


Professional Sitter Photography

When a baby learns to sit, it is one of the most life-changing events. This alteration has a significant impact on a baby’s perception of the world. The new born can now view the world and the people around him up close and personal. The baby is now able to explore the world in a more natural way. And there’s no better way to capture those priceless expressions than a sitter picture shoot when they’re 6 months to a year old.

When a new born becomes one year old, he reaches his first important milestone. For parents, their child’s first birthday is usually a special occasion because it marks a significant turning point in their family’s history. She also provides cake smash photo shoot to cover 1 year birthday celebration. You can see her cake smash portfolio here.

Meghna Rathore


During the photo shoot, she makes sure the child is relaxed and having fun. During the session, she creates a relaxed atmosphere so that the child enjoys himself and Meghna can catch his natural and innocent expressions. Meghna also takes a few great family photographs during the shoot to show off the family’s togetherness and love.

Meghna specialises in babysitter picture shoots for children between six months to one year. She offers a wide choice of themes and concepts to suit each baby’s individual personality. She has a thorough chat with the parents in order to gain a thorough understanding of the baby’s personality and, as a result, select the themes that will emphasise and exhibit the baby’s characteristics. You can see her sitter photo shoot portfolio here.

Professional Kid Photography

Meghna Rathore offers professional child picture shoots for children aged one to three years old, capturing and showcasing the child’s true personality. When a child reaches the age of one, he begins to establish his own distinct personality. Now the child begins to experience and engage with the world from his own point of view.

Meghna offers a professional kid picture shoot that captures and highlights the characteristics of the child. Meghna selects the photo session storey line based on the child’s personality to ensure that it is appropriate for the age group. This also aids the child in feeling more at ease during the shoot and allowing them to enjoy it to the best. You can refer to Meghna’s kid photography portfolio here.

Meghna Rathore

To summarise, Meghna Rathore is a fantastic professional pregnancy, new born, and child photographer who is well-liked and respected by her clients. She supplies her clients with world-class services and guarantees that they have a lasting memory to treasure. So, if you are looking for capturing your belly tummy, your new born divine features, your kid personality then look no further and contact Meghna Rathore at 8826276089 or email her at rathore.meghna@gmail,com. You can also check her detailed portfolio at her website here or her Instagram portfolio here.

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