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Online games has everyone from children to adults hooked to them. Most of the times, it leads to kind of an addiction and thus has been seen as having only negative impacts. 

However, I feel if one has self discipline and engages in moderation, the benefits of online gaming cannot be denied. We have seen the huge benefits of technological advancement. Also, online gaming is a huge industry and is providing numerous job opportunities. There have been so many new age careers developed because of the growth of the online gaming industry. 

I have observed in the recent past that many 10th grade students come to me with queries about the future prospects of careers in the gaming industry. Students are keen to find out about the various types of courses they can do to develop games and some also want to become you-tubers who share tips and tricks of playing the online games effectively. 

This made me realise that online games also aid a child’s cognitive development. Children who play a game online have a strong memory, better problem-solving skills, capability to synchronise their brains, hands and their eyes, and they have a high comprehension skill.

Having said that, as parents we need to be cautious of the kind of online games our kids are exposed to, we need to monitor their online activity and if we also play along with our kids the games they play online, maybe we can be in commanding position and prevent our kids from being exposed to games that could be detrimental to their growth.

Thus, I began my research to search for good gaming sites, which I could recommend my students to play, to understand the nuances of game development. That’s when I came across Plays. 

This site offers around a thousand games. Also, the sites keep getting updated with new games daily. This offers a wide range of games in various categories for various age groups as well. 

The interface is also very user friendly and attractive. In the footer of the site there is category based navigation with the entire game collection. 

Though it is impossible to play all the games, but I tried quite a few with my daughter and enjoyed playing it. 

The ones we particularly liked were

Powerpuff Girls Category
Powerpuff Girls Morning Mayhem Logic puzzle Escape Game 

This is a simple 30-stage logic puzzle game where you place arrows among a playing field to help guide the Powerpuff Girls to collect clocks and exit the stage through the opening in the wall.

The strategy is pretty simple and isn’t much strategy involved in the entry stages, however, it keeps getting complex as one progresses. 

I particularly got attracted to this game as me and my daughter are both fans of the Powerpuff girls and the game animation was quite impressive, plus it certainly required mastering some co-ordination to keep collecting the clocks. I would want to give full points for the design of the game, though the difficulty level can be increased for older age group kids. However, this one is great for young kids. They would certainly enjoy it. 

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Powerpuff Girls Storyboard Game

This one I particularly loved in the PowerPuff games category. This is a story building drawing game based on the 2016 remake of the hit Cartoon Network series The Powerpuff Girls. Here the players Help Professor Utonium and the Mayor fix the storyboards on the drawing pads.

To play this game, the player can add anything you want to each of the panels and complete 12 storyboard panels to create the story they want. You can save or print your work. 

This game can be played on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

Sudoku Category

This is the category I loved the most. I like solving Sodoku puzzles and I also prepare them for our monthly Children’s Newspaper. So, this one I certainly enjoyed the most. 

There are various games under this category such as the 

CalcuDoku: Timed Sudoku Inspired Math Puzzle Game

This is sudoku inspired logic puzzle game where you must fill squares with the right number within the time limit. The numbers are based on how many boxes are in the grid, for example, the number are 1 to 4. Each group of coloured boxes must be calculated based on the number and operator to get the correct answer. It can be in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. There is only one solution for every puzzle. You lose when you don’t solve the puzzle before the time runs out.

online games

online games

Daily Calcudoku

This is a Sudoku-inspired math logic puzzle. Fill in each square in a grid so that the numbers appear once in every row and column. Each grid is divided into blobs, which hold an operator and a result. The numbers you input in each blob must lead to the equation result.


Daily Kaodoku

This is a Sudoku inspired logic puzzle game where you must match emoji shapes and facial expressions in such a way that any combination appears exactly once in each row, column, and 9-unit grid. Don’t be a square. Triangulate where you must place the circles and how they feel to win! 

Daily Sudoku

This game lets you play the classic logic puzzle game online or in print with fresh puzzles available daily. Place numerals 1 through 9 in every empty cell on a 9 x 9 grid. The numbers can appear only once in every row, column, and box.

Daily Wordoku

This is a Sudoku-themed logic puzzle game which replaces numbers with letters. Fill in letters without repeating a letter in a row, column, or grid section.

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This is a Sudoku game that replaces numbers for letters. Fill in the puzzle and make sure no single letter repeats in any row, column, or square. The letters you choose form a single word.

Ultimate Sudoku Timed Puzzle Game with Easy and Hard Level

This game can be played in three difficulty modes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The puzzle can be timed or untimed and players can request for hints.

There are numerous games on the site, I definitely recommend you to try playing some along with your children. Do share if you have liked any particular online game that you played with your kids. Also, do share your review of the games on Plays website as well. 




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