A Confession

“I have to make a confession. You’d never believe me if I told you that, I did kill her, but it’s true and I can prove it.”

How is that even remotely possible? enquired Ram. Don’t blame yourself, it was just our destiny. But I wrote our destiny, Ram. I killed my own baby, lamented, Aamna. I panicked. I was worried that the caste divide in our society will never let our child survive. Don’t forget where we live. This place in the world would never have been safe for her. She would have been taunted daily, that she has a Hindu father and a Muslim mother. They would have killed her anyway. It’s better she didn’t come into this ruthless world. I had to abort her.




24 thoughts on “A Confession”

  1. One can only imagine her agony! Though i do not agree with Aamna’s decision, I can understand what was running in her mind and how broken a person in that situation might feel. If only whole mankind would run its life based on love instead of religion, caste and creed then world would indeed be a better place to live in!

  2. Such a powerful reminder of how things are in many parts of our country. Just today I read of a father in Andhra Pradesh who killed his daughter for being in love with a boy from another caste 🙁

    1. Honour killing and caste based biases will never cease to exist in our society. It’s such a sorry state. Actually though the abortion part isn’t a real story but my dad’s friend who is a Muslim , married a Hindu in the 80’s & he had to leave a good paying job in India and settle in the UAE as he would be constantly harassed by religious fanatics.

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  6. All a part of a depressed soul. Honestly I can relate because there was once a time, I prayed that God please give me a son when I was pregnant because I knew no one would love my daughter but the moment my daughter was born I knew that it doesn’t matter who loves her or not. All that matters is that I love her more than anyone or anything

    1. It’s a short fiction based on a prompt. They were somehow surviving and it was very difficult, precisely the reason she took the extreme step.

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  8. So sad that a baby is killed because of the stupid thinking of people! Seriously when we will learn and get wise? Loved your short tale – it is deep!

  9. Poignant tale Aesha. Wish the society has better views for every one to breathe and live life freely.

  10. My god Aesha,such a short story but heavy n meaning in it.I wish you all the best for this contest.

    1. Thanks Madhu. You remember last year the Write Tribe Festival of Words was my first ever participation in a blogging challenge and I was so worried. This year I am doing it at ease. Only because of the support of friends like you who have always appreciated my work

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