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Book Review – Growing Pains

Growing Pains- Kanika G

Over the years as an avid reader, I have never waited for a review before purchasing any book for myself. But whenever I chose a book for my daughter, I check out online reviews, read the book blurb, read a bit about the author if it’s the author’s first book. For me the trust in the Author is very important as when I want my child to instil a reading habit, I want her to read good work. That Trust I have in Kanika.

So here is my review of her latest book ‘Growing Pains’.

About the Author:

Kanika G, a physicist by training and a mother of two girls, started writing to entertain her older daughter with stories, thus opening the floodgates on a suppressed passion. Today she has written over 36 children’s stories and blogs on various parenting and feminist issues.

About the book:

This book is about 13- year- old Tara, who is in a new school in a new town. Suddenly she starts feeling sick during school. It turns out that she needs an emergency appendectomy. This is an exciting story about Tara’s anxieties, relationships with her parents, twin sibling Rashi, friends and about all the confusing emotions about new love that a teenager experience.

What I liked:

I went back in time to my teenage years as I read the book. The characters in the story are very relatable. Tara is an introvert girl a kind of a nerd, while her twin sister Rashi is an extrovert and a fun-loving person. Their parents are the new age parents who engage in open discussions with children. I liked the manner in which Kanika has portrayed the relationship between each character. During teenage, friends matter the most and Kanika builds a beautiful relationship of trust, companionship among the characters. Tara’s crush- Sid, is a boy you will fall in love yourself while reading the book. I did.

What I loved the most in the book is the right dose of playful humour. Kanika has dealt with every aspect of teen life so beautifully and with a lot of care while writing this book for teenagers.

It is a fun fast-paced read so will not bore the teenagers.

What I didn’t like:

Basically, I wanted to write so much more about the book and discuss the story but can’t do it as I would not want to give too much away about the story as well.

 I recommend you to click on the link below and invest in the book.

Growing Pains by Kanika G on Amazon

Visit Kanika’s site for more details on the book. Kanika G


Author’s Note: This book review is my second-day entry for the Bar-A-Thon on BlogARhythm for my theme ‘Marathon of Ebook Reviews’.



19 thoughts on “Book Review – Growing Pains”

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    1. It’s a fast read Sonia.. I read it in 2 hours .. I suggest to get it right away. You will enjoy it .

  2. Wow you read it so fast, she released it a week back right? Pretty efficient you are! I plan to read it over the weekend. I still dint get the part of “what you dint like” 🙂

    1. That I can’t share more about the story and that I am so eager to discuss the book at length but then I will just give away most of the story. So I had to stop myself from doing that, is what I didn’t like.

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