Book Review- Tara

Tara is a character very close to my heart. Tara was my companion during the month of April. Every morning while I had my cup of coffee I would read about her life unfolding before me.

‘Tara’ is author Anshu Bhojnagarwala’s first e-book written for the Blogchatter A to Z challenge.

About the Author:

Anshu Bhojnagarwala, is a popular parenting blogger. She shares her thoughts on health and parenting on her popular blog, Firsttimemommy, which is one of the top 20 First-Time Mom Blogs. When she is not writing, she caters to the many whims of her part-angel part-devil 6-year old daughter or watches a movie.

About the book:

Tara is a dreamer who lives in her past. After a bad breakup, she chooses to marry but fails to accept her husband. A chance meeting with her ex-lover rekindles her interest. Will she give in or save her marriage? Or will she listen to her heart and break free?

What I Iiked:

Let me start with the cover. It’s intriguing. Even though I had read the story of Tara during the A to Z challenge, before the book was published, yet I found the cover captivating. It would want the reader to immediately check out the face behind the flowing hair.

I like that Tara, the protagonist is a strong and independent girl, yet a girl next door who is relatable. Also, Anshu subtly touches upon the evils of our society through the story of Tara.

Not only the protagonist but the other characters of the story are portrayed quite skilfully by Anshu. The story progresses at an ideal pace. I like the climax and the ending of the story the best. The book is written in a lucid language making it an enjoyable read.

Click on the link to read ‘Tara’.

Author’s Note: This book review is my third entry for the Bar-A-Thon on BlogARhythm for my theme ‘Marathon of Ebook Reviews’.



13 thoughts on “Book Review- Tara”

  1. I enjoyed Tara too.. I started reading it a bit late in the AtoZ Challenge but I was hooked on. The story is predictable except for the end where Anshu has masterfully created a impact but its the writing style which is captivating. I got to know Anshu well only through this challenge

  2. Hey Aesha, what a beautiful surprise on a crazy Friday morning! Thank you so much for this lovely honest review. Will cherish it forever, as it is my first book and a review by one of my dear blogger friends. Love you!! <3

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