Disturbing Pattern Of Life !

Radhika eagerly waited for the beautiful Sunday mornings. Humming her favourite song ‘Lag Ja Gale, ke phir ye raat ho na ho….’ she was preparing coffee when Madhav entered the kitchen. ‘So what’s brewing, you seem very happy today?’ ‘You know I so look forward to Sunday mornings, this is the only time you spend with me; you are always busy either with work or helping out other people with their problems. You never have enough time for me, she replied’.

Ok, madam, my entire day is yours today. Let’s have coffee now and stop cribbing, he laughed off. Sipping a hot cup of coffee, Radhika spoke non-stop about her work and kids. Madhav patiently listened. He too missed spending time with family but his work was demanding. He couldn’t even stop himself from denying help to anybody. He went out of his way to do whatever he could for others. That was something he inherited from his grandfather.

Radhika was grateful to God and thanked him daily to have given her Madhav as her life partner. She had a loving family. Her father in law doted on her. He supported her and took care of kids when she went to work. But there was something that she was constantly worried about. Every time she would feel happy, she would dread about her happiness being short-lived. She was scared that she might lose everything soon.

She didn’t want to be the next victim of the sad pattern that the family had succumbed to. She wanted a long married life.

To be continued….

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge. Day 1 Prompt: Patterns



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  1. I think somewhere we all get little scared about the happiness we receive in our life. I am really intrigued to read more 🙂

  2. I am really curious to know what happens in the story.

    I have seen my parents as well as in-laws and sometimes I wonder will I and my husband also loose the kind of connect we have by the time we reach their age & will only be family people rather than lovers & partners?? This is one pattern that worries me a lot.

  3. This I have felt many times. That our happiness is short-lived. Most recent was felt yesterday night. And our resolution was to break this pattern. So could relate well with your post. Happy to join with you for #writetribeprobloggerchallenge !!!

  4. Wow! This happens to me as well. Every time my mom and I discuss someone (unnecessary), they would pop up into our lives suddenly and my mom would say ‘I told you!’.

  5. Weaving a story around the prompts is a very interesting idea! Looking forward to reading the next ones 🙂

    • Thanks Corinne for the amazing prompts. It challenged my creative juices and now I have a story in my mind which I plan to build around the prompts. I don’t know if the story will be great but I will surely feel accomplished if I can weave it around the prompts. As I have dared to attempt something I never thought before.

  6. That’s a great start. Sometimes families do succumb to sad patterns. I hope this family breaks it for the good of everyone. I understand from the comments above that you arte planning to continue this through the other prompts. That will be awesome, Aesha! Look forward to it.

  7. We all have this innate fear- I find myself wondering if my success and happiness is short lived. Like they say in Hindi “ nazar Lag jayegi “. Your story is intriguing look forward to the continuation

  8. That’s an interesting start…I was expecting she would talk about her issues/insecurities with her partner but seems like you planned it for another post. I am looking forward to read the next in line story of this part 🙂

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