I Will Not Accept This, I Defy It!

Madhav could hear some faint voices. Where was he? He wondered. Who are all these people whispering around him?
Was he with Dadaji teaching Raju, he thought as flashes from his childhood, crossed his mind. No, he could now see himself at the office chatting and joking with his friends.
Oh yes, I am with my friends. I am sure. They are whispering something about me, look at them. But what is this sound of beeps in the background? He wondered.
As he tries to open his eyes he sees blur images of people in white coats. What are these people talking about and why can’t I move my right hand, he wonders perplexed.
Slowly he opens his eyes, to find himself in a hospital room. How many days have I been here, he asks. He can’t see his family around him but then he sees Rahul. His eyes are moist and he can see him sitting beside him with his hand in his, but he cant feel his touch!
The shocking reality hits him like an arrow. Indeed there is something wrong with him. Unable to contain his emotions, he starts shouting hysterically and tries desperately to move his arms and legs but to no avail.
Don’t worry Madhav, Rahul assures him.
This is not your destiny? I defy it, I defy it….

To be continued…

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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge.

#5 Prompt: Disobedience



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33 thoughts on “I Will Not Accept This, I Defy It!”

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  6. Priyadarshani Sharma

    Only when we have the courage to defy our destiny, do we have the courage to make our own! Can’t wait to see how Madhav copes.

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