Is it the end?

Siren of the ambulance was being heard in the neighbourhood. Rahul rushed outside to check what’s happening so early in the morning. He was shocked to see the ambulance outside Madhav’s home. Had something happened to uncle? But he seemed all right yesterday evening. He saw him go for the evening stroll. He had even waved to him.

What would have happened suddenly, he wondered. Rahul rushed into Madhav’s home to see Radhika cry profusely. What has happened Radhika, he asked, is everything ok? Is Uncle well?

For some time she was unable to speak. She just pointed towards the door of the room.

Radhika, what is it tell me?   Is Uncle ok? Kids?

No, no, Rahul…. Its Madhav… he collapsed suddenly….

To be continued…

In case you missed what happened previously: #1 : Patterns: Disturbing Pattern Of Life!

#2: Nostalgic: Reminiscing Fond Memories Over A Cup of Coffee

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge. # 3 prompt: Terminal.



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49 thoughts on “Is it the end?”

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  7. Just read all the three parts, and I must say now I am curious to know what happens next! Radhika is so much like most of us women – always over-thinking, fearing the worst, esp when life is filled with joy!
    You are doing great, Aesha!

  8. Aesha..wow..what a turn!! I don’t like leaving any interesting story half way but the way you are building each and every plot so beautifully, I think I will wait. It’s going to be hard but I am sure you will come up with something even more interesting. You should think of writing a novel..

    1. Thanks a ton Alpana.. It’s very kind of you to say this! I am keen to write more now.. Thanks for reading and waiting up for the posts… means a lot.

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