Love In A Marriage.

Today Roma and Rohan had completed 20 years of their marriage. It was a day of great significance in her life as it concerned her future. She had taken a vital decision. But she was wondering how will she convey it to Rohan?

Her thoughts wandered back to her 10th wedding anniversary. It was a time for celebration in the family. Her mother in law, Saraswati had cooked the couple’s favourite delicacies. Her father in law had selected best of the music and was busy with the preparations. Little Myra was happily dancing and was excited with the hustle around. Everyone was very happy. Roma’s eyes were filled with tears of joy as she silently thanked God for blessing her with a happy family.

But her joy was short lived. While she went to answer the doorbell announcing the arrival of the guests, she heard her mother in law’s loud cry. She rushed back inside to find her father in law has collapsed on the floor. It was too late to summon a doctor.

Myra’s excitement to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary and the chatter around her broke her trance and got her back to the present. The scenes at home were similar from 10 years ago but only for an outsider. Roma knew nothing was the same as before. Her entire life had changed in the past 10 years.

The entire responsibility of the family had fallen on Rohan’s shoulders. Suddenly, he became the head of the family. His younger sisters were yet to finish their education. He had to save money for their marriage. They had always planned to give Myra the best of everything. Rohan was disheartened after having lost his father, but he couldn’t express his true feelings. Everyone in the family looked up to him for emotional and financial support. His life was not to be of his own. He toiled day and night to provide for every need of the family. Those were tough times for all.

Things between them had changed. The romance was lost in their marriage. This celebration didn’t matter to her anymore. Crucial years of their personal lives were sacrificed for the needs of the family. Saraswati had become very insecure. She wouldn’t let Rohan spend time with Roma. Whenever Rohan was back home early, which was very rare, Saraswati would also want to spend time with her son. Initially, Roma empathized with her. She always acknowledged her feelings of loneliness. But as tending to the family needs became a priority, they never got a private moment in these past 10 years.

Roma tried to forget her miseries by focusing only on Myra. But now she was 15 years old and independent. Myra was oblivious of her parents’ relationship. She wanted a celebration and so Roma had agreed reluctantly. Roma knew Rohan loved and respected her, but other relationships had taken precedence over their own marriage. She knew Myra would be shocked when the truth will be out but she had no other choice. She only hoped that she would be able to steal some time with Rohan today to disclose her final decision.

It had not been easy to make this crucial choice. She had tried hard to dismiss negative thoughts and also tried to communicate with Rohan earlier. She wanted to make her marriage work but now she had lost the capacity to drag this relationship.

After the celebrations at home were over and everyone had retired to their rooms, Roma gathered the courage to speak with Rohan.

“Rohan, today we complete 20 years of marriage. Can I ask you for a gift?” she asked. Before you ask, Can I drive you to the beach? requested Rohan. Roma was surprised but thought it’s better to talk at the beach, thus agreed.

They hadn’t been to the beach since the past 10 years. The effect of the wind blowing lightly always had a calming effect on Roma, but not today. She was trying hard to control herself. Rohan asked for her hand and led her towards the majestic deep blue ocean. Roma’s heartbeat was increasing with every step she took. She had a feeling that Rohan had a plan as well.

As she was wondering, Rohan said, “Roma, I will not apologise as I did what I had to, but I know it has been unfair to you and our relationship. You have sacrificed a lot and I am ever so grateful, also extremely lucky to have you as a life partner. You don’t need to express in words the turmoil that goes within you. I have been seeing it for the past 10 years. The last time I saw a smile of content, the calmness on your face was when Papa was making arrangements to celebrate the 10 years of our togetherness. I am sure you will agree that he was the one who held us all in one string. His passing away has made us all stray away from each other. I tried hard to be that string, to fill in those shoes. And today I have managed to get some stability. But I noticed you have taken off our wedding ring. I found it in the drawer.”

Rohan took some sand from the beach in his palms, placed their wedding rings in it and pleaded, “Roma, we can’t bring back the time we lost but we can certainly make a new beginning as time is again running away like the sand in my palms right now. Can you please give me a second chance? Would you hold my hand and not let our love slip away too? Will you please not leave me now?”

Without wasting any more time, Roma asked Rohan to place the sand in her palms with a promise to nurture their love always.

Author’s Note: This is my entry for Day 4. I have chosen a picture prompt today. The featured image is the prompt for the day.

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24 thoughts on “Love In A Marriage.”

    1. Thanks to you, for the lovely prompts. It makes me think. Also we have such talented writers and readers on Write Tribe that I want to give them something interesting to read as I want their feedback and want them to keep visiting my blog. And appreciation for my work is my honour. I am going to flaunt this big time. Many many thanks.

  1. I likes the way it sunder coz a 20 year long relationship should not end just like that. If both the partners understand each other then why to end it? If the other partner gets busy dienst mean that he dienst care for you. A very positive story.

    1. Don’t know.. but I just couldn’t see them separating , which is how I had initially planned while writing .

  2. Roma and Rohan were meant to be together. Sometimes even if duties take the front seat but love towards each other stays there somewhere underneath which needs to come out.

  3. Very moving.
    Great happy ending, Aesha!
    Wonderfully written.
    Seems like a real story.
    You did full justice to the image prompt too- with the sand in the hands that too on the beach 🙂 Well done!
    – Anita

    1. Thanks a lot Anita. Not a real story.. just work of my imagination. I changed the ending last minute. It wasn’t planned that way but as I wrote, I fell in love with Rohan’s determination to pull his family out of troubles. I had to write a happy ending.

  4. Returning back to one’s love takes a little bit of time if once someone decides to quit. You have written it so creatively and given HOPE. Looks like Myra is trending name 🙂

    1. Yes it does in real life and initially I didn’t plan it that way but as I was writing, I kind of liked Rohan ‘s efforts to pull his family out of adversity, hence the happy ending.
      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and appreciating the story .

  5. So Roma had decided to quit her marriage, that’s why she took off the ring, while Rohan noticed it and wanted their marriage back. Nice story of broken dreams and renewed hopes, Aesha! Glad you went for this!

    1. Yup Anshu… thanks. I too entire day to write this as my internet conked off and I had to type it out on my phone.

  6. This is beautiful Aesha. Sometimes duties take a toil on love and romance. Yet it takes a moment to feel that emotion again. Btw my protagonist in today’s story is also Myra.??

    1. Yes Sonia. Thanks for appreciating. My internet conked off and I had to write everything on my phone. So I haven’t read many posts yet. Read few in the morning. Will check out your story soon.

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