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Why Is It Essential To Be Financially Literate And Empower Yourself

Financial Literacy – How Important Is It? 

Being a student of commerce, I believed I understood finance very well and it will be easy to manage my money as an entrepreneur when I started my counselling practice. But while I had theoretical knowledge, I had never managed my personal finances. So, when I had to deal with my business finances I did face a challenge.

I know of so many women like me who depend on their husband or father to manage their finances even if they are financially independent. I believe true empowerment doesn’t come from having a source of income but the knowledge of managing this income and increasing wealth.


It was a fortunate coincidence that a friend recently introduced me to Meeta Gupta who is a Financial Life Coach and Founder of Moolah. Meeta is a finance professional with over 30 years of experience. In the year 2020, she decided to launch her passion venture Moolah.

Moolah is a financial literacy and empowerment platform especially designed for women. The objective of Moolah is to make understanding of finance simple, fun, jargonfree, accessible, and convenient.

Moolah’s Financial Literacy Course

Since the past month, I have been a part of the women community, “Moolah Tribe” as Meeta calls it, that Moolah has built and joined Moolah’s financial literacy course. This is Moolah’s flagship course and is designed for women who wish to understand the fundamental terms and concepts, budgeting, basic financial planning, financial management and basic economics.

This is a slow-paced course which is easy to understand because Meeta employs a unique story telling method to introduce the concepts. The content shared daily is short and conversational in presentation.

The course is divided into a basic financial literacy level and an advanced financial literacy level. The content is delivered over WhatsApp so it’s available to be accessed at one’s own convenience. Every week the participants interact online on a zoom meet. Moolah also shares weekly updates and Bulletin. The duration of the course is 6 months and at the end of every month there is assimilation of the concepts taught during that month. There are also 6 Masterclasses that are included as part of the 6 months program where Meeta goes deeper into certain topics, for the participants to get a better understanding. Also, the participants need to appear for a short multiple choice quiz of 10 questions.

You can find detailed information about the course on the Moolah website.

One On One Coaching AT Moolah

Meeta also offers One on One coaching for women that involves a deeper understanding of a particular topic. Along with this, Moolah also offers one on one sessions on financial planning. This is very helpful to women who want to create wealth by making the right investment decisions based on their financial goals.

One also has access to various online courses on budgeting, insurance, mutual funds, retirement planning and health insurance with a duration of 1 to 2 hours. One can subscribe to these masterclass videos. Here is the link for the same : Online Courses

My Learnings

In the past one month, I have gained valuable insights in financial planning. I have learnt important concepts of investment which will be extremely helpful to make the right decisions on creating more wealth from the income earned through my business.

I have not only learnt financial concepts but have gained a lot of confidence and I truly feel empowered. Joining this course has also given me confidence to scale my business because now I have a better understanding of finances.

I would surely recommend Moolah’s financial literacy course to every woman.

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