5 YouTube fitness channels

5 YouTube Fitness Channels That I Follow For Challenging Workouts

5 YouTube Fitness Channels that made me a home workout person from a gym lover.

Being a hardcore lover of strength training and Crossfit, the lockdown was particularly a tough period for me as gyms were closed down. I have never really enjoyed home workouts but now there was no other way to get back to my fitness routine. 

For me, fitness has never really been about losing weight yet the lockdown lifestyle bothered me and I had to get back to a routine. So, I started home workouts and while I have found my favourite one now, I will share with you 5 YouTube Fitness channels that I tried and enjoyed. 

Even after the gyms being open now, I have not started going and have continued enjoying home workouts because of these amazing home workout channels.

I will start with my favourite YouTube Fitness Channel and my constant now-

Heather Robertson: 

She has some amazing workouts. You can choose your workout based on the duration of the workout, Type of workout, Muscle, and Equipment. I have tried all of her free workout programs as well and hugely benefitted. Do check out her channel and website. I assure you, you will love it. Thanks to fellow blogger, Anchal who introduced me to her workouts.

POPSUGAR Fitness :

I go here for some fun dance workouts. They have interesting hip-hop dance workouts, which I have really enjoyed. You can also find HIIT and strength workouts but I particularly enjoy the dance workouts. 


LivestrongWoman :

Do you want to learn about the exact form of an exercise? Then, this is the channel for you. The tutorials to master an exercise move are very helpful for beginners. 

Body Project:

While I love all of Heather’s workouts, I turn to Body Project for some low-impact cardio workouts. If you are a cardio lover, do try it out. 



During the lockdown, I was also fascinated by some yoga pilates fusion workouts uploaded by Heather on her channel and I was looking for more. That’s when I found Cassey Ho and her channel Blogilatis. Do try out her pilots inspired workouts. 


I hope that you enjoy the workouts on these YouTube fitness channels. I am also always on the lookout for new fitness YouTube Channels so if you have any which you follow and enjoy, do share with me in the comments.


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18 thoughts on “5 YouTube Fitness Channels That I Follow For Challenging Workouts”

  1. Home workouts have been a blessing in the pandemic times.. YouTube has been a huge help in that… I wasn’t aware of these channels, will check them out for my next workout.. Thanks for sharing

  2. I was searching for some good videos, this blog post is perfect for me!! Thanks for sharing the links

  3. Physical exercise is important to relieve stress these days. These channels may be promising for many. I prefer walk or cycling due to busy schedule

    1. It’s great that you have your own regime. I enjoy Heather’s structured 12 week , 6 week programs & when I want a change , I go to the other 4 Channels to bring variation

      1. I don’t know why the comment box was not loading.So I am writing here.I loved the list you shared and will be trying them out.They look Really good

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