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Surviving this lockdown has been a difficult task. Given the pandemic situations, however difficult it was, it was still being safe. With no domestic help, the workload was immense, add to that working for a solid 10 hours in the work from the home segment, I always am tired and tetchy. There was no respite from any of the ongoing stresses.


When lockdown extended to 4.0, I realised that getting frustrated and spoiling my time wasn’t a solution. I needed to find out ways and means which keep me refreshed yet have me mentally involved. My problem being I couldn’t watch no-brainers or action series. My saviour came in the form of my neighbour, who suggested that I watch this brand new show on ZEE5 called Mangalsutra.


I wasn’t sure whether this ZEE5 show was for me. It was set in the rural heartland of Maharashtra, with struggles and trials of a mother. I was hoping for something more fun and entertaining. But my neighbour persisted, she made me watch the first few episodes on ZEE5, and boy was I hooked.


Inspiring Story Plot

The story here revolves around a mother, a wife, but foremostly a woman, a strong independent thinking woman- Vasudha. It’s about her simple life on the farm, the simplicity of her wants and happiness. Her life was near ideal before the evil sarpanch entered the village. The sarpanch hasn’t targeted Vasudha Mohite’s family alone, he is an ordeal to the village itself. This show charts the passage of Vasudha from the village to the city for her husband.


This ZEE5 show is a beautiful and poignant narrative of a mother, a wife who can stand in front of any power, brace any storm to protect her family. It’s her journey of becoming a single mother and surviving the various onslaughts of life. It’s her story of bracing the odds to be a wonderful mother for her children.


The sacrifices she makes are so real, so inspiring, the way she emotes to the extortion and the tribulations of rural life a lesson.


It wasn’t just a watch for me, I learnt so much from Vasudha.



The 5 things I learnt were:-

  • Being calm- I felt pity for getting agitated by the lockdown. This lady here has gone through so much, yet is calm, patient and doesn’t lose hope!
  • Courage- Standing up for your rights, for your kids, for what is right is not easy. Especially, when you are facing an adversary who is hell-bent on making things difficult for you. She is fighting against the sarpanch who is the powerhouse in the village.
  • Mothers love- how delicately she handles her children, how her every gesture is so affectionate and full of love.
  • Threats don’t matter, a person’s conviction does. Vasudha battles everything with a belief that it can be solved. There is nothing that is not solved.
  • A single mother is not weak. She reminds every woman out there that a mother is not weak when she is the sole caregiver. A mother is a mother who can fight wolves to protect her kids.


I have fallen in love with this ZEE5 show, please watch it here and tell me how did you like it?

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