C Is For Create

C Is For Create

Creating something gives unparalleled joy, a feeling you haven’t experienced before and if it’s something you haven’t tried before it is the best feeling ever.

In the past one year, I have been trying to create a space for students with my career counselling venture EduCareer Guide wherein I encourage them to freely express their inner most desires, aspirations for their future. I am trying to create something, I never got as a student. 

When I was in grade 10, I was pretty clear of the subjects I wanted to choose. I was sure of not being able to cope up with Mathematics and other Science subjects even after scoring 92% in the 10th Grade in mathematics and science. So, I had a choice of choosing commerce or arts. Now, in those days choosing arts means you are a very weak student and will have very limited career options in the future. While I was very keen to study Psychology and English Literature, I was dissuaded from making this choice because well, choosing arts in grade 11 meant closing doors to many other careers which would otherwise remain open if I chose Commerce. So under the pressure of the societal norms, I made an incorrect choice of choosing Commerce. 

If only, I had the guidance of an expert at that time or an education system which encouraged students to make choices on basis of their aptitude and interests against the general trend, I would have craved a different career graph for myself. Anyways, ultimately all those experiences as a student and the difficulties I faced, gave a purpose to my life. I became a teacher. As a teacher I tried to become a bridge between the parents and students while making the choices for stream selection. 

But after a sabbatical of 11 years, I felt a need to up skill myself and so I studied. I got a certification as a global career counsellor and am now on the path to help our youth create a career path which is entirely based on their likes and dislikes, their aspirations, their goals and their dreams. 

EduCareer Guide is established with a vision to help students identify their unique strengths and enhance their skills beyond academics. My objective is to prepare students for careers non-existent today and make them capable for the future. It’s my mission to encourage students by providing active guidance to help them achieve their goals.

This journey until now has been very exciting for me. Interacting with students on a daily basis has been such a joyful experience for me. Young energy is contagious. When I listen to young dreams, it makes me strive harder to achieve my own. It makes me hopeful of a bright future, it makes me more positive. But most of all it makes me relieve all of my dreams once again. 

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  3. I am so proud of you and so happy for you, Aesha. I have no doubt that you will a very empathetic Counsellor and will guide many students to the path meant for them.

  4. Talking of creation, the content economy is on a boom. Do you see your students more inclined towards becoming a youtuber, blogger rather than engineer and doctor?

    1. Yes, again I see this as a trend as it seems glamourous from the outside. So, when a student shares that he likes gaming or girl students share that they like to be a fashion influencer, I share with them that every career requires its share of hard work and requires an aptitude for the same. After a couple counselling sessions, I can gauge the student’s strengths, weakness, likes & dislikes and guide them accordingly.

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