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What does ‘Pushing Boundaries’ Mean To You?

‘Pushing Boundaries’ – What does it mean to you? Are you comfortable moving out of your comfort zone? When and what was it that you did which was challenging for you and yet you attempted it?

These are some of the thoughts that led us to have ‘Pushing Boundaries’ as the topic for the  ‘ Story Spinners’ challenge that we are having at My Paper in collaboration with The Confident Communicator. 

It’s My Paper’s 9th Anniversary and we want to share our joy with one and all. This contest is open to all and not only for subscribers of our newspaper. 

For those who don’t know, I am the Sub-Editor at My Paper– A Monthly Newspaper For Children. 

The aim of My Paper is to build reading habits among children at an early age by creating a beautiful reading product for them.

We publish news, information, general knowledge, current affairs, activities, and entertainment relevant to children. The content is supported by ample colourful illustrations thus making this reading experience enjoyable for children of all ages.

The USP of My Paper is its content, design, and optimal use of fonts that make it easy for a child to read in print or digital format.

Until Covid hit us all, we were only published print format but moved to digital so our readers did not have to miss out on their monthly reading. 

As part of our contest and celebrations, I was invited by the founders of The Confident Communicators, ‘ Ms. Deepma Jadeja, and Ms. Sima Mehta for an interesting conversation on ‘Pushing Boundaries’ as part of the series – ‘Imperfect Parenting’ on their Facebook Page. 

During our interesting discussion, we talked about – 

What does it mean to stay in your comfort zone?

When is it ok to push the boundaries and when is it not to?

How far should we go as parents to push our kids?

What are the benefits of getting outside your comfort zone?

And much more…

Here is the link to the conversation, do watch it and let me know your views in the comments.

More details about our contest, on My Paper’s Instagram page.

pushing boundaries

Here in this video is our Editor, Ms. Shweta Joshi, sharing details about the challenge.


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There are exciting prizes to be won so what are you waiting for, start sending in your entries.

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48 thoughts on “What does ‘Pushing Boundaries’ Mean To You?”

  1. Magic happens outside comfort zone 🙂 you can’t grow without pushing and challenging yourself. Great initiative to cultivate reading habits in children. Sending you best wishes.

  2. It is always debatable, infact I feel every incidence is a learning in itself. Whether I did the right thing by pushing or justing letting them be. There is no right or wrong, but as long as it doesnt lead to stress, its one incidence at a time.

    1. That’s why every decision needs to be made considering the present circumstances without thinking too much about how it will impact the future. Because the future is uncertain. And no one can predict if the decision will prove to be the best one.

  3. Point1, Its so great that you have a newspaper for children, it is so inspiring.
    Point2, yes challenging ourselves to step out of comfort zone is always difficult, but necessary to grow and change.

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  5. Congratulations on your newspaper for children! Reading is a magical hobby and I do appreciate the fact that your endeavour is to help children push their boundaries, as well as read. It is vital to move out of one’s comfort zone if one is to achieve anything in life. Thank you for sharing this post.

  6. Speaking of the comfort zone. I was always a diary person. pushing myself to a blog post to have made public to family and friends was something beyond my comfort zone. but it was only for that 1st ever blog post. Later on, I am not more confidant than ever. pushing throught the comfort zones gives the results that are beyond respected.

  7. Good to know about your paper. I am glad that I found your blog today. I will check this page on Instagram. We can’t achieve great things without pushing our boundaries.

  8. Your paper looks quite interesting, I’ll check it out for my son too. And, pushing boundaries seems like a perfect topic for this challenge.

  9. There are all kinds in the world. My son always wanted to stay in his comfort zone which my daughter is the other extreme.She moves every year because f her job and makes her own comfort zone. I think every girl comes out of her comfort zone when she marries..isn’t it? That’s a great contest you are having. All the best

  10. I think we all move out of our comfort zones at some point in our lives. It’s only human to strive harder at pushing boundaries to achieve great success.

  11. I guess pushing boundary at times is important for all of us. Be it a mother, children or anyone for that matter. As a parent I feel its important that we encourage our kids and even we push them for certain things. It opens new doors of opportunities too

    1. Right, Rakhi. That was the discussion about you know how much push is enough! It’s such a thin line between being too pushy and being encouraging. We learn I guess with time parenting each day.

  12. I love the way you quoted “what does it men to you” This is important to understand what it is first and then to encourage to try something new for a better future.

  13. That’s a wonderful topic, Aesha. There is a fine line between pushing boundaries for growth and something that becomes tedious. Glad you are talking about it.

      1. Thanks Charu. Yes, please do. And since we share a PDF , you can take out print out as well, if you do not want kids to read on any gadget

  14. I like the idea of positive pushing boundaries. Not just for the sake of it.I like to do things with a positive outcome when it comes to inner growth.

  15. Pushing the boundaries is for all be it kids or adults, we need to take good aspect of moving out of comfort zone, good to know about the contest , shall share with friends.

  16. I constantly struggle with when it’s okay to push my boundaries and when it’s okay to let yourself be. I think the difference is good fear and bad fear. If what I feel is good fear, I know it’s just me being anxious before trying something new. What a lovely thing to have a newspaper for children!

    1. You got it right, Suchita. It is about fear but I really liked the concept of good & bad fear. I am going to share this with my students when I’m the future I speak to them about pushing boundaries.

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