What To Do For A Serene Space?

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Complex circumstances, difficult situations, maintaining a work-life balance, pressure of being relevant in the society makes it difficult to keep anxious thoughts away. It is not always easy to keep the mind calm and away from negative thoughts.

Life can be chaotic. But to increase efficiency it is extremely necessary to calm the mind.

The past few days have been like a mad rush. I have over-committed myself and something new just comes up which also I want to do. Because these are requests from friends and I value my relationships a lot. Something my hubby taught me. But I have learnt to find sense in all the madness around me.

Here’s something that works for me to get that peaceful, serene state of mind.


At the cost of being repetitive, exercise tops my list. Here’s more on it.

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Listening to music:

So today I have to write two posts for Festival of words. I have to submit one draft for a sponsored post. I have committed myself to two blog trains so, in the next 2 days, I have to write 2 more blog posts. Phew! As I start my day, I log on to the Write Tribe Website and I read What Sounds Do You Write To?

Immediately I play my playlist and I am calm. It helps me and here I am writing the blog post, my favourite music playing in the background.


Though I have a lot of writing to do. I might get stressed initially but I know I can do it because I enjoy it, and writing does calm my mind. So, this is the first blog post I write for the day and I know I will easily fulfil my commitments because my mind is calm and the home environment is serene.

Finding calm being alone:

I like to stay alone. Hubby is at work, daughter is at school. I am home alone as my mom-in-law is also out of town. It’s the most serene and conducive environment for writing. Sometimes I wonder am I the only one who likes staying alone. I like that feeling of loneliness. Maybe I have been a single child to working parents. So, I like being with myself more. Is someone like me out there?

What do you do to calm your mind? Do let me know.



‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

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