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How To Work From Home – 10 Effective Ways

A few years back when I started my blogging journey, I wrote an article on staying productive working from home especially for women on one of the blogging platforms. I tried to look for that article to reshare it but I reached error 404, meaning that website has shut shop. Thus, I retrieved it from my files to share here because now we need it more than ever.

Also, it has been over almost four years now that I am working from home and I can say that I am much better off managing my blog work along with the other work responsibilities I took up over the years.

However, Work from home comes with its own challenges and those are the distractions. Children, maids, laundry, cooking etc… The list is endless. All women can relate to it. Managing work from home is more difficult now even for those who work from home since Corona Virus pandemic arrived in our lives considering now, we have children and spouses at home 24*7 and our time will be divided considerably looking after their needs.  

So, here are a few tips which will help in increasing your productivity if you are currently working from home or plan to do so.


It is important to take your work very seriously while working from home. When you do not have a boss looking on you, one tends to lose focus. So self-discipline is a must in order to progress in your career.

Start early:

Try and start your day early before others start needing your time like parents, husband or kids. They will demand your attention once they are up.

Get dressed for office:

I know you are working from home and you are most comfortable in your pyjamas, typing in, sitting on your bed. But I suggest, in order, to enjoy and feel like a working person, dress up in office attire. It motivates and improves performance.

Minimize distractions:

While working from home there are many distractions. Minimize those. Make it known to people and house helpers around you that now you work and just because you work from home, it does not mean you aren’t a professional.

Prepare your environment:

Prepare your work environment. Dedicate a workspace in your home. Prepare your kids about your work timings.

Reward yourself:

Reward yourself with any goodies if you achieve your daily target. Like for me, I decide to write 500 words daily. It could be anything my daily diary, my content for brands or articles. But I write those 500 words and reward myself with a chocolate or a foot massage or head massage. Believe me, it relaxes me and gives me the much-needed boost for writing more daily.

work from home

Keep communication on:

Just because you are working from home and do not have co-workers around you doesn’t mean you stop communicating. Speak with people related to your work or friends during breaks. And that brings me to the next point.

Take breaks:

Yes, take breaks. You are home and so most of the time you would want to just finish off your daily work and then take a break. You would tend to postpone your lunch timings or tea. Do not do that. Take breaks at regular intervals. It will only increase your efficiency.

Fix up a finishing time:

Also working from home doesn’t mean you are always on the laptop or on phone 24X7. Just as you have decided a start time, stick to your finishing time. You have avoided all distractions and now they need your undivided attention. (you know whom I am referring to)

And lastly, stay safe, enjoy time with your family. Mother Earth has given us a second chance though it’s a cruel shock that the world is paralysed I guess we humans asked for this through our actions. Think positively, it’s our only chance to undo our mistakes and respect nature.

6 thoughts on “How To Work From Home – 10 Effective Ways”

  1. Getting dressed up even though we’re at home really does make a difference. These points surely are crucial to successfully creating a work atmosphere at home.

  2. I always suffer from distractions, both from outside and even within my mind. It really screwed up my system… need to be more organized like you.

  3. I really love this so much. I have about 20 half write short stories that I have not shared with anyone. My time can be focused but not everyday currently because we are in temp housing chaos ( due to a re-location). I can not wait to get into our house and get real focus again! Thank you for finding this and sharing because I really motivated again!

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