5 female privileges

5 Fun, Female Privileges I’d Like To Pass On To Men This Women’s Day!

Don’t we feel the world is unfair and there is immense gender disparity?

Sometimes I feel women are more privileged than men. I always feel grateful that I was bestowed with Womanhood. And so, on the occasion of Women’s Day this year, I want to be generous and pass on 5 female privileges to men.

5 Female Privileges

1. Be the focus of attention

I would love to pass on the privilege of receiving all the attention while I walk on the road to men. I wish someone would hoot, whistle at them too and appreciate their beauty. They really feel ignored and less important. We wouldn’t want men to be unhappy. Right?

2. Wear a saree and pee

When I was 21 years old, I joined a school as a primary teacher. The management of the school wanted the teachers to come in uniform too. Oh yes, forgot to mention only female teachers. And you know what we got. Sarees!! Ok, so I love the garment and its graceful, decent piece of clothing and has many more such attributes to its credit but I didn’t even know how to drape it. Every morning my mom would help me drape it and I would go to school. Then came the task of using the washroom wearing it. I felt very privileged to be in this situation and I would love to pass on this to men. The male teachers of the school envied us that we didn’t have to get up in the morning and wonder what to wear to school, so I would love to share this privilege to them. Wear a saree to work out of compulsion!

3. Experience the joys of Menstruation

This has been my wish since I started menstruating, to pass on the exclusive privilege to men of carrying a sanitary napkin along with them everywhere they go as the most essential commodity. I remember my school trips while I would be menstruating and couldn’t enjoy the way I wished just because I had those unbearable stomach cramps. Nature shouldn’t be so unfair to men.  There are joys in menstruation, let them enjoy those too.

4. Be the HR Manager Of The House

Yes, we have now started sharing household responsibilities with men but this particular privilege of managing domestic help is still within women’s jurisdiction. I would love too pass on this privilege to men. It’s so difficult to look for loop holes in house work and but it’s a cake walk to get it done. How does role reversal sound, good idea?

5. Not pay the bills on dates: 

Sometimes men should get the privilege of not paying the bills. Women want to give them a chance and let them enjoy free food and drinks. Let us be chivalrous too. (I have a feeling that most of the men reading this will agree with me)

I can go on and list many more too but I guess these five privileges will suffice for a year!

So, here’s to Men – Cheers & Happy Women’s Day!!

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This post is a part of #WomensDayBlogParty. I’d like to thank Nayantara for introducing me. Read her post for this blog party here MommyingBabyT.

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66 thoughts on “5 Fun, Female Privileges I’d Like To Pass On To Men This Women’s Day!”

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  2. Being the focus of attention:) wow that would be something funny for men.
    My husb is very private and I’m sure this would freak him out.

    Loved the points 🙂

  3. Ha ha I hate being the HR manager , cook, laundry guy, the guy who gets the veggies.. id love to pass on the entire management affairs to hubby dearest. Loved everything.. have mastered the art of saree n peeing…But it took practice I wont lie

  4. Is there something called the drape anxiety … Cause I had that for several years … such engaging points … felt the write up should just go on.

  5. momtasticworld

    heheheh I absolutely loved reading this. That saree and pee thingy cracked me up, bydway I still find it super uncomfortable to use restroom in saree :p

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  7. Am sure men would like to be the focus of attention too.. and carrying the napkin everywhere and going out while menstruating are definitely a pain. ?

  8. Loved this. I seriously wish men could experience something like menstruation… it can be such a harrowing experience and that too every month.
    I want to know what men think of this post.??

      1. I read the article today .Nd after reading I soo much feel that your content is the inner thought of every women. It’s not something in the air . But something every women thinks back of the mind. It was an interesting blog

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