A Is For Ambition #DecodingMidlife

Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or achieve something.

However, Ambition holds a different meaning for me.

I took up my first job when I was 20 years old. This was the year 2000. I had completed graduation and worked at Wipro-Net as a customer support executive. Does anyone remember ‘dial-up connections? It was the time when people were just getting introduced to the online world and I was up on my game being an early bird within the industry. This job ensured good salary too. I used to work during the day and studied during evenings. So, post work, I would go to college to study financial analysis.

You would assume that this was me being ambitious and focused. But not that was not the case.

As a matter of fact, I wasn’t a very ambitious child or for that matter equally ambitious teen. I was an average student in school, had few favourite subjects but never really was an ambitious girl who aimed to reach the stars. That made other people in my life make important decisions for me. They didn’t see me as a focused person. Perhaps, I lacked the vision to direct my life to successful outcomes.  It was on the insistence of my mother that I took up studying commerce and did a computer course. Eventually, that helped me in securing this job.

I will not deny that this didn’t give me pleasure as I enjoyed earning at a very young age. This not only gave me the freedom but also made me financially independent. However, if I look back now I don’t think it gave me the happiness and satisfaction that blogging gives me.

What could be the reason?

Today I know. I chose to blog for myself. No one else made that choice. I made this choice for myself.

Now I am ambitious.

The significance of ‘Ambition’ is much larger in my life now, it just doesn’t mean a desire to be successful.

 What are the parameters of success?

I didn’t understand the significance then, but I do now. Success for me is being a happy person. I might not have a high paying job or be a top paid blogger but I am successful in my own rights. The reason is that I am simply content with the things I do. So while the pursuit still exists, there is a limit to yearning for more.

38 years of this trudging journey I will soon be hitting my mid-life. Midlife is always associated with crises. But I may have a different perspective.

To me, midlife is about renewed energy and optimism.

It’s about nurturing an ambition that I will prove to be an ideal role model for my daughter.

It’s about a strong ambition to be a blogger who writes content which resonates with people.

When I started writing this very first blog post for the A to Z challenge I said a silent prayer. There have been numerous occasions in my life when I have dreamt something and not been able to stay motivated to accomplish those dreams.

So, attempting this challenge is a major confidence booster for me.

It is my ambition to successfully communicate to all the people who are approaching Midlife or are in their mid-life to enjoy every moment, live in the present and look forward to future with hope to be happy.

Sheryl Sandberg’s quote resonates with me the most right now at this stage of my life.

“We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves. The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests.”

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  2. What a fantastic take on life you have Aesha. You definitely will make an impact on your readers with this post. You are right, many times we start with ambition but halfway through our motivation fizzles out. Looking fwd to more of your posts.

  3. It’s good to see someone else blogging about “midlife” because I am going through some changes in my life over it. I like your perspective about it not being a crisis. That’s the only way that I have been able to refer to it but I also just read a book about it being called the “pre magnificent stage” so I’m going to start referring to it in that way! I love your idea of renewed energy and optimism. Hope I can get more quickly into that kind of mindset because this is oh so uncomfortable!

    1. Thanks Melanie for reading my post. I agree with you that Midlife brings so many hormonal changes that we might not be able to control our mind and feelings. Thanks for sharing your experience and also sharing details of the book. I think I should read it in advance to be prepared

  4. I kind of have a similar experience. My early career decisions were made for me despite the fact that I knew I wanted to write. After spending 5 years studying for CA when real work bored the hell out of me, I realised that I couldn’t do this for the rest of my life and took a stand for myself. Today, I am a self-taught paper crafter, a lettering artist, a writer, and I’m looking forward to being able to add many more achievements to this list. I’m so happy to hear that you’re doing what you love because I know the amazing happiness that comes with it! Wish you all the very best. <3

    1. Thanks a ton for visiting my blog and sharing your experience. After learning about your achievements it gives me motivation to keep driving myself towards achieving my goals.

  5. Ambition is important to achieve something. I do not want to push my daughters but make sure they know what they want in life and go about it in a right way. Happy A toZ Aesha:)

  6. Age is just a number, ambition keeps you going. Your post reflects that writing gives you pleasure in life and fulfills your ambition. Happy Blogging! 🙂

    1. Yes Disha that is true. Thanks for visiting my blog . Keep coming back as I decode more facets of midlife

  7. I was once in a rat race in the corporate world. It was only recently that I realised my success is not just shaped by what I am but also defined by me. I totally identify with this article. Nice write!

    1. I know Lavanya. Midlife is the age where in most ambitious women feel a urge to re work on ambitions. Also we get more happiness from things apart from career highs.

    1. Thanks Shirley for the appreciation and visiting my blog. It’s amazing to be focused and meticulous. Age is just a number. I shall read your post as well

  8. Great A post. I am well past 38 but I know that surge of ambition that comes (at any age) when you find something you love to do. Whether you make it through the challenge or not (and you probably will!) don’t let an occasional lapse discourage you from your love of writing. Ambition is powerfull when linked with words like persistence and success.

    1. Thanks Shirley. I will certainly not feel discouraged even if I don’t complete the challenge. But I am writing posts in advance and I am prepared for the challenge so I shall most certainly will with persistence. I am sure success will follow as you said. Keep visiting the blog for more on #decodingmidlife

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  10. You’re right about success being defined by the degree of happiness. Each person has a different barometer for success. Some people like to keep pushing their boundaries, some like being jacks of many trades, while some like being exceptionally good at just one thing and making do with other aspects. To each his/her own.

    You are good at blogging. I’m blogrolling you.

    All the best for the A to Z Challenge. Do drop by mine.


  11. Ambition is good, but it should not overwhelm happiness, I think. Money is not the ultimate achievement. I’m glad you are ambitious about your writing, and I hope that leads you to bigger places! 🙂

    1. I agree Vinay. Money certainly doesn’t gives happiness. Time and again that has been proved. It just gives your lifestyle a level of comfort. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts

  12. I can relate to not being an ambitious, average kid that had everyone else decide my future. Not until I moved out did I realize that ambitions will get me further than having someone tell me what to do. I am pursuing a career later than I wished I would have but I guess being late is better than never, right!

  13. I can completely relate to you, Aesha. Because I came back to blogging after 10 years and in between did an MBA, Gemology, and even digital marketing in education and worked as a content writer. But, i so agree that the pleasure blogging gives me is incomparable. M so glad that you too found your true calling, finally. It’s better late than never. Have no regrets. Look forward to more posts on this. 🙂

    1. Absolutely Rashmi. It gives such satisfaction to write. I am looking forward to this challenge purely because it is going to give me a opportunity to look at the future with lot of hope.

    1. Never think about what others have to say. Your journey is yours. It’s your life, sometimes money doesnt give satisfaction and happiness. If your happiness ,lies in blogging and earning less just believe in yourself and enjoy.

  14. Having the ambition to enjoy the transitions and transformations of midlife means that you will be successful at doing so, Aesha. At least that has been my experience.

    Today at, I’ve written about aging well. It’s not the same thing as just growing older. Your ambitions towards your daughter and towards all who you reach through your blog suggest that you’re already doing a good job of aging well.

    Great start to the challenge, Aesha.

  15. Such a lovely post and I enjoyed it, I could co-relate with each and every emotion you had expressed, it is true that at this stage of life, we had a different meaning of “Ambition”, it is much more than just being successful . you had selected a great theme and wishing you all the best for challenge. please read my first post here

  16. That’s a lovely take on Ambition. I completely agree that there’s no success without happiness and it’s us who define success & happiness. They are not absolute but relative terms. Thumbs up for the inspiring post, Aesha 🙂

    1. Thanks Ravish .. for reading and appreciating my post. This month it’s going to be about me on my blog. Also thanks to you for being a very supportive community member and reading our posts and writing about us on your blog too.

  17. Wow Aesha. This is a beautiful read. I’ve seen people and their lives take a backseat as they enter the midlife or the 40s. But the way you’ve defined it here is just so beautiful. The fact that you have resonated it with ambition is just amazing. I hope I will be the same when I reach this stage as well. Looking forward to reading your posts.

    1. Yes, that is the phase of my life right now..Writing gives me lot of freedom and satisfaction and I am just enjoying that. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep coming back for more this April.

  18. A very reflective post!! I have always been Ambitious but Procrastination has always been outdoing the Ambition. Now its my Ambition to Outdo Procrastination…:)

    1. Thanks for visiting and appreciating. I am glad you have found your ambition too. Keep coming abck for more.

  19. Lovely post. I’m single so can’t relate to being a parent, but can relate to everything else you wrote especially about defining success as being a happy person, and the quote from Sheryl Sandberg. Good luck with your blogging journey! #A2ZChallenge

  20. My story is completely opposite. Through my 8 years in corporate life, I was mad with ambition. I had to have the best rating, the earliest promotion. The impact showed on my health and my relationships. When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to slow down, left that world and took up blogging to live a more laid back life. Of course I still work hard and I want to be successful, but somewhere I feel like I have put that ambition on hold. Maybe I will go back to it some day.
    I am looking forward to this series. All the best!

    1. It’s all about our priorities at a given time , Mahak. Do what you you love the most and which gives you satisfaction. I think it was your ambition to have balanced life which made you chose blogging right now. Maybe after a couple of years you might want to get back to the corporate set up and that will become your goal at that point. I feel from what I have known about you that you work hard and put your soul into anything that you take up, that is going to take you places. All the best!

  21. A very reflecting post. For all of us I guess the time comes when we ourselves can very well define what success actually means to us. The path to it is not easy though. What it takes to be there? Well a lot. 🙂 Nice post.

    1. Thanks Snehal for visiting and sharing your views. The path is certainly not easy but that makes it more interesting.

  22. Its so good to see you hit a new high as mid life approaches. Contrary to the belief that mid life means drudgery and resigning to fate, I share similar views like you. Mid life is all about knowing more clearly what you want and pursuing what you love

    1. My perception about life changed after I interacted with optimists like you Akshata. Thanks for being there

  23. I’m in the middle of Midlife – no crisis so far, but certainly a desire to be the best person possible and to be authentic and real and true to myself and my values – all great things to model to my adult children. I’m not striving with the ambition to work myself to death, or to have a world reknown blog, but I do want to leave this world having lived life to the full and with a smile.

    Leanne |
    A for Avoid Negativity

    1. That is so cool. I guess we shoud do what pleases us the most. I will surely visit your post. I did read your posts on midlife you wrote for the A To Z challenge last year. It heloed me to draft my posts too. Thanks.

  24. Ambition, that too in a woman, is often seen as an aggressive trait. Glad you do not/did not let that matter. May you achieve all that you wish too. Keep writing and keep inspiring!

  25. Lovely post Aesha! And I can so relate to you! Been there and done that! With blogging and writing, it’s like I have re-found myself! Be ambitious girl and go get them!!

  26. Lovely word Ambition but it means so much more to each person. I loved your take on it Aesha and wish you all the success for this challenge. If this post is anything t go by, your challenge is going to be superb! Writing from the heart reaches out to everyone!

    1. Thanks Shalini! I am going to pour my heart out with this challenge. There is so much that goes on within me, my blog is my journal.

  27. This sounded just like my story Aesha. I loved reading this too. Like you I too find the most joy in writing and blogging. Many people around me don’t get this.. I so highly educated and with a once awesome job and salary today am just writing, mostly for free. But I am still happy. I am glad I found this passion.. even if it is so late in my lifee. I am looking forward to the rest of your posts.

  28. That was nice to know your ambitious feelings aesha. I have a similar story like you. I am hitting my 40s in two months from now and I choose to write my own experience how i am coping with 40s. Nice reading your post.

  29. I identify with what you said in this post because I have been saying a silent prayer to keep myself focused on my current aspirations as well and Sheryl’s words do sum it up.

    Namratha from NamySaysSo

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