A Place That Was Always Open.

I was not fortunate enough to meet my father in law because he passed away before I got married. But my mother in law has shared many incidents of their beautiful life together and I would like to share a few with all of you today. It has always been painful for her to remember him but she wanted me to know him as well. Here is why.

He was a very kind-hearted person. He always would be ready to help anyone. It could be the neighbourhood cobbler, our house help, the washerman, his closest friends or friends of friends, acquaintances, co-workers or relatives. Everyone would come to him for guidance or at the time of need.

My mother-in-law tells me that our home was open 24 hours, 365 days for anyone just like his heart. Once she told me that she would prepare more than 50 cups of tea on a Sunday as many people would come to just visit him. I was shocked to hear this. Even our neighbours and his friends tell me that after he passed away, they didn’t have the strength to visit our home. Everyone had such beautiful memories and were so used to his presence that now this place was left deserted. They tell me of the numerous evenings and late nights they spent on the swing where he would sit every day.

When I read the prompt for today, I was tempted to write a fiction but then I decided to write about my father in law. Everyone associated to him whom I met during my dating days or courtship or after my marriage would speak highly of him and had some story to share on how he had helped them or always stood by them in the hour of need. I realised that I was very unlucky at having not spent time with him.

Once our house help was detected with high fever which was highly contagious. Our family doctor advised that he should be sent to his village as my husband and sister in law were very young and could contract fever as well by his presence. But my father-in-law decided against that. He reasoned with other members of the family that the poor man will die if he doesn’t get proper medical assistance or care. He kept him at our home and nursed him as well. It’s been more than 35 years now that we have the same help who takes care of our ancestral home at Ahmedabad even after we have moved to Mumbai. He fondly remembers him and had tears in his eyes when he narrated to me how my father in law would feed him as well while he was unwell.

I always tell my husband we have a huge responsibility and it will be very difficult for us to carry on his legacy. He lived a short life as he passed away at the age of 48, but he will always live in all those hearts that he touched and healed.


Author’s Note: It is the last day of the Write Tribe Festival Of Words. It has been a great experience to participate in this challenge as always. I would like to thank all my readers for appreciating and encouraging me.

I have chosen to write on the picture prompt again, for my Day 7 participation. I hope you liked it.

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14 thoughts on “A Place That Was Always Open.”

  1. Wow, he seems like an amazing man and deserves to have his story told by a genuine person like you with a great heart. He would have liked you a lot. Sorry your paths did not cross.

  2. As unlucky as you are not to have known him (I never met both my in-laws), I’m certain that your family is richly blessed by all the good will he generated, Aesha. God bless you all.

    1. Thanks Corinne for visiting my blog. Firstly let me tell you that I had the most amazing learning by participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words. I had a much better experience than last year as this year the prompts were extremely exciting and unique. What helped me was that I was much more confident and didn’t have anything written in advance. I would think daily and write. The prompts really helped to do that.
      Coming to my in laws, I am very blessed to have them as they are very loving and supportive. I am sure it is because of Daddy’s goodwill. Many thanks again.

  3. So gad to have read this post and know about your father-in-law, Aesha. It is because of people like him that goodness exists in this world. I’m sure you’re all getting loads of blessings from his good deeds.

  4. Hey Aesha, your story matches with mine.Same here ,I too missed seeing my father in-law .As you wrote,even he was very kind hearted.My father in law is always Alive in so many hearts.Your writings always relate common readers life,that’s what I love.keep writing.

    1. Thanks a lot Madhu. I have learnt from other writers now after these 3 years that there are so many stories around you. Just like Sudha Murthy says, we just need to observe .

  5. Such a heartfelt tribute your father in law, Aesha! A person is remembered for his actions and not the number of years he lives. As you said you really have some big shoes to fill. But knowing you, you are a kindhearted person too. It won’t be difficult for you!

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