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Change Is The Only Constant – #WhatILove

I am writing this post for the Series ‘What I Love’ by Zainab of Slim Expectations. The second prompt – What I love today, this week, this month couldn’t have come at a better time. I must thank Zainab for the prompt and the timing.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that ‘About Parent And Kid’ is now ‘Aesha’s Musings’! And I am completely in love with the newness and the excitement of building a new writing space for myself.

But you might ask ‘Why this change?’

About Parent And Kid was initiated with a need to share my parenting experiences, gain valuable insights and interact with parents through the medium of blogging which transverse man made boundaries. The past two years which I spent on building the blog have been the most fruitful years of my life. Having gained many enriching experiences blogging helped me tremendously to grow as a person and be a better parent to my daughter.

I started out as a novice but along the way interacted with many other blogger and learnt from them. I didnt know anything about blogging. I only knew I love to read and write. And I did just that. I have enjoyed every moment of my journey expressing myself without the fear of being judged. Participation in blogging challenges and interacting online with like -minded people gave me new friends who have become my support system even when I have not met them personally. Many of my readers, friends and family members tell me that I have really grown as a writer in the process.

These words of encouragement provided much needed impetus to explore more about myself and share my thoughts beyond Parenting and thus this transition from About Parent And Kid to Aesha’s Musings.

So here I am, presenting ‘Aesha’s Musings’ a space where I share my thoughts beyond Parenthood. Aesha’s Musings is all about my experiences as a mother, daughter, wife, friend, companion and each of that facet that all of us will identify with.

Do join me and keep showering my new blog with all your love and constructive feedback which I can use to innovate, refine my writing skill and create insightful content.

Author’s Note: This post is a link up with Zainab from Slim Expectations for #WhatILove

16 thoughts on “Change Is The Only Constant – #WhatILove”

  1. Adulation for our writing is what keeps us going and am excited about the way you are expanding the topics you have started to write about. More power to your pen to explore far and wide Aesha

  2. congrats Aesha for this great journey and wishing you best luck for this new venture. it is great to get connected again with #WhatIlove, series, great series and superb prompt, enjoying interacting with other blogger friends.

    1. I have changed the domain name already and will post on topics apart from parenting on this platform itself. Thanks for the appreciation, please keep visiting

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