D Is For Dance #DecodingMidlife

Oxford Dictionary defines Dance as “A series of movements and steps that are usually performed to music”.

But dictionary meanings can’t capture the essence of what the word would actually mean for a person.

When I was around 12 years old, I started training for Indian classical dance form – Bharatanatyam.  But as soon as my friends quit learning, I discontinued as well.

Maybe I was not passionate enough. Similarly, I took up swimming and left it mid-way for the fear of water.

As I grew up I felt that I didn’t do the right thing by not chasing my dreams and succumbed to my anxieties and fear.  Also, I realized that because of this attitude I have many unfulfilled dreams.

I now look at the approaching midlife to live those dreams.  After I crossed 35 years, I can’t ascertain the why and how, but I changed as a person. I become more confident and determined about how I wanted to live my life.

There was a new-found vigour to leave my inhibitions and live a fulfilling life.

So, when I could manage to learn swimming at the age of 38 years, I decided that I should get back to learn a new dance form. And I chose Kathak.

Now I have weekly two days of Kathak class and we are a bunch of ladies all in mid-thirties who practice together. We have young teenage girls in our class as well who have been learning since they were either 3 or 4 years old. It’s inspirational to watch them dance and follow their passions. I also feel when one is around young people, there is so much more you can learn. They motivate you to push yourself.

Being a stay at home mom, I didn’t have opportunities to meet new people. Learning Dance gives me this chance. It gives me chance to interact with youngsters. It gives me a chance to express myself.

I look forward to these sessions and Dance like no one is watching. I dance for myself. Though technically I might be an inferior dancer I do yearn to be a superior learner and stay one always.

This quote by Katherine Jenkins sums up how I feel when I dance.

“When I dance, I forget everything else and just feel completely happy!”


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  3. Wonderful. I feel that nowadays age is no bar for someone to pursue what their heart desires. Lovely inspirational post. I too had dance for my letter ‘D’ post 🙂

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  5. This is inspirational Aesha, I started learning Kathak when in school, but when my friends teased me for some odd reasons I quit. I so much wanted to learn swimming but unfortunately our city had just one or two swimming pools, those were marked for men. Hence when I was Bangalore for post gradation, tried my hands on swimming. I am taking Kavya to swimming classes since she was 3 yrs old and staying along with her in water gives me a sense of pride.
    Dreams are our sub-conscious self telling us to go beyond the usual. I am in love with your series mid-thirties we fall in same category and similar fights with self.

  6. I’m so proud of you.. You are in inspiration! I’ve always wanted to learn singing. I did for some years in school and gave it up. I hope I have your drive and enthusiasm some day.

    1. Thanks Mahak. I am sure you will. You are an achiever. Once it’s on your priority list, You will do it! All the best!!

  7. Wonderful post. I tried ballet when I was very young. I couldn’t stick with it. I tried tap dancing when I was in high school. That didn’t last. Then I took up Turkish/Moroccan dancing and stayed with that for a long time. Good for you for chasing you dreams! Happy A to Z!

    1. Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience. I intend to stick this time because I know my girl is watching me and I want her to be a hard worker.

  8. That’s great, Aesha! You can use dance to calm your mind. It’s one the best meditation technique available. This is what Katherine’s quote is saying. Whenever you loose your calm, vent out your anger in dancing. In this way, you can save yourself from hurting your loved ones.

  9. I love dancing and its my passion. Last year when I wrote about parenting ,my D post was about dance too. Good to know you are learning kathak.

  10. Well done for following your dream! My daughter’s dance school are starting adult tap lessons and I really want to try it although I have nobody to go with. Reading this I’m thinking I just need to be brave and go!

  11. Aesha, that’s wonderful. One of my friends too started learning Kathak with her daughter. She says it’s a beautiful experience. Reading this post, even I am tempted to sign up for one, though I admit I don’t have the grace for any dance form.

    1. I don’t have grace either. But after 3 months of training I can say that I have got a bit graceful. My poise has improved too. So do join it is definitely a beautiful experience

  12. Wow i’m so impressed by the honest, heartfelt writing and can so relate to it. I went for a few swimming lessons in school but gave up … its been a lifelong desire to learn it and your article inspires me to take it up again.

    I always wanted a career in Arts, and my father discouraged me to take it up. However, now i’m a self-taught artist working my way towards a full time career in arts.

    Age does not matter, we just need the passion and dedication.

    Do check out my #BlogchatterA2Z entry

    1. I never wanted to study accountancy but my mom wanted me to , so I did my post grad in commerce. But I always wanted to study English literature & psychology. So here I am at the age of 38, finally pursuing my dream by writing & also trying to overcome my childhood inhibitions by re starting what I left midway. It is giving me immense satisfaction. All the very best to you too! We have had similar experiences. I will surely check out your blog

  13. I think for us life begins at 35…i too started living for self after 35..i too had learned bharatnatyam but had to discontinue due to health reasons. I love to dance but nowadays i feel as if i have 2 left feet… Nice post…

    I blog at:

  14. I agree that I started living my life fully only after I turned began for me..I am also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer but I don’t dance anymore due to a ligament injury..good to read that you are still pursuing your passion.

  15. I too love dancing. But not a trained dancer. Only a hobby dancer. Sometimes When I feel the urge, I will play Sounds Of ISHA songs and dance to the fullest I can. Then I feel more content.

    1. Oh yes, dancing gives lot of pleasure. I am enjoying my journey and it had to be part of this series.

  16. Awesome girl, I love dancing too and learnt Bharatnatyam when I was a kid but stopped mid way. I regret that now. I want to re start but due to paucity of time it’s a challenge at present. I start swimming classes this weekend , wish me luck

    1. Oh wow! All the best for swimming! You will get time someday , right now you should devote time according to your priorities. I am sure you will have time to pursue your hobbies too someday.

  17. I learnt dance out of great difficulty. Had to force my mom to allow me join because we are basically from a carnatic singing background with my mom’s ancestors established in the music industry. I loved the journey but all of a sudden it had come to a stop when my dad got his transfer and we had to shift our base to a different place. A beautiful post on dance aesha, D is for Dare to Dream. Do have your say on my post too. have a nice day 🙂

  18. Dance can be very therapeutic and burns those extra calories too. And a great way to meet people while you are at it. Great post! I learn new things about you everyday.

    1. Yes, Priya it is helping me burn calories too and in a manner I can enjoy. So yes, its a win-win situation.

  19. You’re actually right about many people piling up unfulfilled dreams and suddenly having a desire to begin accomplishing them during mid-life. Some of us might attempt to pursue them and gain some degree of success. Unfortunately, some of us then have to let go of those dreams, because we no longer have the desired agility and fitness levels.

    I, for instance, was able to learn the guitar at age 33. Football was another passion, and I did manage to play at age 34 for about a year…however, my body finally gave up, and I have now not played since at least a year.

    Very encouraging post…


    1. Age affects agility. You could try another sport too. Like I just learnt to swim on insistence of my daughter who is a competitive swimmer . And I felt that taking up a sport really helps to de stress and I also felt it a better form of exercise too.

  20. momtasticworld

    I learnt dancing for 6 years. I loved bhartnatyam. I did swimming for 8 years and then life happened…you post is so encouraging, I feel like I should start my learning these again <3

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