Do You Believe In Miracles?

Do I believe in miracles? Of course, I do. There have been times in my life when I wanted something very badly, and out of the blue when I least expected have received it. Isn’t that a miracle!

I feel grateful to have always been showered with such miracles. But as one says that childhood memories stay forever etched in our minds. Such memories are most significant in one’s life.

So, on today’s prompt – Miracle for the Write Tribe Festival of Words; I would like to share one anecdote from my teenage years.

This is an incident when during my Class 10. My dad had promised me to buy a two-wheeler if I scored 80 % in my boards. I did work very hard but fell short of 2 %.

A bit about my parents

I am an only child. But I was never pampered. None of my unreasonable demands was ever fulfilled. I knew it for sure that if my dad had said something and promised me then he will stay true to his word. But I also knew that he will never change the benchmarks he has set. So now having scored 78% I had no guts to ask him for a two-wheeler.

Until now I would cycle to my school. My school was over 7 km from my home. But how could I ride a cycle to school in Class 11 when others were coming by two-wheelers? I was worried I would be laughed at by my classmates. Though I wanted the two-wheeler badly, I knew that I had not achieved my goals and I couldn’t ask for it from my dad.

For at least 2 to 3 months I changed 2 buses and would go to school. My dad was a silent spectator to this. I would maintain a journal and every day I would write that if only I had worked a little harder, I could have got the two-wheeler that I wanted. My parents were not strict. They never dictated me. But they have always taught me to value things. My dad would tell me that you might have all the comforts but you should always learn to adjust so that in case of any adverse situation or life challenge you can adapt easily. And so, I had to earn every luxury that I wished to have.

Life moves on

It was a practice at my home to visit the supermarket on one of Saturday’s of every month for grocery shopping. It was one such Saturday. We went out and my dad didn’t take the regular route to the supermarket. I kept asking where were we going but he said he had some work somewhere else.

Now he parks the car near a shopping complex and my mom gets off the car to finish some of her work. I am waiting in the car for her to come back. Half an hour passes. I get restless so I ask my dad about mom and why she’s taking so long. This is the time when there were no cellphones. My dad asks me to go and check on her. He points at a Kinetic Honda showroom. I ask him if something wrong with mom’s two-wheeler. He says he doesn’t know and asks me to go and find out. Yet I am clueless about what’s cooking between my parents.

I go to the showroom and see my mom signing a few documents. I ask her the same question. She replies very coolly without any excitement in her voice that they are buying me my well -deserved Kinetic Honda.

I don’t even thank my mom and rush towards my dad in the car and hug him tight.

Miracles Happen

My dad taught me an important lesson that day and he also made me feel proud of my achievement. He didn’t make me feel as if he just gave it to me out of love or pity.

He told me later that initially, he didn’t give me the two-wheeler because he thought I wouldn’t value it. I would think that I got it easily. But when I didn’t even once ask him for the reward and he saw that I travelled to school by bus without cribbing he thought I deserved it.

He told me that it was never about the marks. It is about developing the skill to adapt. And that I did. This boosted my morale. He emphasized that there will be times when you don’t achieve your goals but be rest assured that your hard work will always be appreciated.

Though I didn’t achieve the goal we had set for myself, yet he is my guardian angel and he did get me my reward. It was like a miracle for me.

This incident is my most cherished memory.  Do you think our parents make miracles happen? Do share some of your childhood incidents as well.

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