Every drop counts!

Imagine a world without water. Without clean water how would human beings, animals, plants survive? Indeed every drop counts!

Nowadays all the newspapers mostly feature at least one news item on the situation of water shortage in Maharashtra and other parts of the country too. Until we don’t get a proper monsoon, this situation would not change. So water conservation is the key to sustain during summers with a limited supply of clean water.

Kids can make a remarkable difference towards water conservation. But do they understand the grim situation? Thus they need to be educated about the situation and also know about the ways and means to conserve water. If we begin to teach them the importance of water conservation early on in their lives, it will hopefully stay with them for as long time and help them in the future.

So what are the ways of conserving water?

Here are some very simple means which can be shared with children.

1. Don’t leave the water running while brushing teeth. Turn on the tap only to get your toothbrush and toothpaste wet and then turn off the water.

2. Likewise, while washing hands too, wet your hands and turn off the water. Apply soap, lather it well, keeping the tap off. Later rinse it.

3. Make sure all taps are tightly wound at all times.

4. Encourage your friends to use water cautiously and discuss the ways and means you use to conserve water.

5. Let adults know in case of leakage in school or at home so it can be repaired.

6. Use a bucket at the time of bath instead of a shower so less water will be utilised. Also, keep your bath time for 5 minutes.

7. Collect the water that is used to wash vegetables and fruits and use it to water the plants.

8. Mostly kids fill up extra drinking water in their glasses and it goes down the drain if they can’t finish it. Rather ask them to pour it into plants. Alternatively, they can drink water from their own water bottle at all times. So the question of wastage doesn’t arise.

9. Avoid the use of recreational water toys at home.

10. Put a barrel of water to collect rainwater and use it later to water plants or in toilets.

As adults, we need to ourselves put all the above-mentioned ways and means into practice so that children learn from us. Also, it is important to talk to children about the current scenario and how they can do their bit for the society in regards to water conversation. This will make them use water more cautiously and also develop a sense of responsibility.

Let’s join hands with Livpure for #cuttingpaani campaign. Are you with me in spreading awareness about this important initiative.

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