F Is For Fearless #DecodingMidlife

An adjective; ‘showing lack of fear’ is being fearless.

I am a very fearful person. I am always apprehensive and fearful of the outcome while attempting anything new.

However, Research says 80 % of our fears are just in our minds.

Yes, that is true! Think about it.

 If I look back, very few of my fears actually happened.

Yet, at some point in life, everyone experiences fear. Everyone faces challenges. But we all know that there are certainly ways of dealing with fears that such challenges pose to us.

My goal for Midlife is to approach it with optimism. My goal is to change myself for the better. So, one of the changes I want to bring in my personality is to be fearless.

I have realized that fear limits me to live a contented life.  Fear stops me from making critical decisions which would necessary for my growth.

So here I share few guidelines which I have framed for myself.

Be Aware:

List down fears. Find out reasons for the fears. Writing them down will help find solutions of dealing with these fears. This will help to ascertain the situations that make one fear.


Keep reminding yourself that fears emerge as we hypothetical assumptions. We need to remind that most of the fears do not happen. I will keep reminding myself daily by writing this down.

Change mindset:

Be around people who are fearless. Choose a role model who has dealt with difficult life situations fearlessly. Change attitude by taking up risks.

Take action:

Don’t worry that you will make mistakes. Embrace your mistakes. Attempt to do things differently.

 Be persistent:

Accept failures and be persistent. This will help to shun fears and come out of it successfully.

Taylor Swift’s quote describes my thoughts well.

“I think fearless is having fears, but jumping anyway”

40 thoughts on “F Is For Fearless #DecodingMidlife”

  1. loved this. especially the quote at the end. you just have to jump in. i think one bug thing that has made me fearless is motherhood. i now feel like if i can do this i am invincible and secondly i have to prove to my boy that he can do anything. yes fears will be there but you have to at least try.

  2. Knowing the weakness is half the battle won. Looking at your thoughtful approach I believe fear will fear to conquer you. More power to you Aesha!

  3. Fear is definitely in the mind. But the mind’s response to fear is to think faster and gather solutions, which isn’t such a bad thing. I think it is fear that has kept species alive.

    Well written.

  4. I was a very introvert and shy child as used to fear a lo of things but coming ut of the shell and being fearless is important. Not easy but important.

  5. I, too, have been fearful all my life. Now, at 45, I am, at times, fearful, at times confident. And, as you said, the fears are all a product of an over imaginative mind! Really need to write them down and work on eliminating them from my head!

  6. Practice. Practice. Practice. I used to be quite shy and would not speak up, but I joined a Toastmasters group that taught me how to collect my thoughts and speak on any subject with ease.
    Best of luck on reaching your goal.

  7. Aesha…taking up this challenge and that too writing about such a personal topic, sharing your dreams and fears.. shows what a brave person you are!

  8. That’s a very positive post. Coincidentally, i was talking about fear with my daughter yesterday. She is scared of participating in 50mtr freestyle swimming competition as she thinks she won’t be able to win it. I told her unless you try you cant win anything. She shoukd think of the joy of swimming rather than the fear of losing.

  9. My son and I were discussing this yesterday, and he said he thought that fear was a useless emotion. It does play an important role in keeping us alive, but it can definitely get out of control! This is a great process for dealing with fears gone out of control.
    Melanie’s Stories

  10. Fear is a part of our life but we have to deal with this well. I dont have any fear for myself rather I have fear for my son, my parents and my husband. I dont want to see anything bad with them so sometimes bad thoughts come to my mind and I feel helpless. I dont know other ways so I pray to God and chant Mantra. It helps me to be calm.

    1. We do fear for our loved ones . But you are taking the right route . If chanting Mantra & your faith in a god helps you to overcome fear you should practice it daily. Thanks for visit my blog Sayeri

  11. Although I consider myself fearless and willing to take up new challenges, I know my weak points. 2 of them are driving and swimming. Gives me cold nerves. But I have decided I will not make excuses any longer and have taken up both of these. 2 days of driving classes have not exactly been a ball and swimming starts tomorrow , I am trying my best to stay positive. Your post comes as a welcome morale booster for me Aesha

    1. I am sure you will do it. My friend had same fears – Swimming and driving and in a matter of a month she learnt both. She had phobia of water, the first time she had attempted to learn she had fallen sick that very day. But she tried again. Once she could overcome her biggest fear , she challenged herself to learn to drive and in amonth’s time she learnt it. Driving and swimming are essential life skills, just keep that in mind and knowing you I am sure you will do it well.

  12. I like the way you started with fearless and then mentioned about fear. Fearless is dare and fearvis being in your comfort zone. Well written aesha.

  13. Fear is a natural emotion. Being fearless takes efforts. But it’s important. We tend to feel safe in our comfort zone and the slightest of change bothers us. That’s why we need to learn new things everyday now n then. Great post!

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