G Is For Goals #DecodingMidlife

The definition of Goal is The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Have you thought about your life goals?

 I am a dreamer. I dream about my life goals. But I also analyze the practical aspects of these dreams & work towards execution. I am also a well- organized person. I meticulously prepare a to-do list daily, set up short-term goals as well as life goals for myself. But sometimes I lack the will and passion to accomplish them. I could get lazy and get complacent too.

However, I noticed a small positive change in my attitude over the past two years. But sometimes it also makes me a bit apprehensive thinking if I would be able to sustain myself and would be motivated in this way or better in the future too.

That’s why, when I was drafting my posts for the A to Z challenge, I was very sure about the alphabet ‘G’. It had to be GOALS for me.

Maybe as one grows older we start thinking rationally. I guess that is how I have evolved as a person. I would like to change a few things about me. And that certainly includes being more goal oriented. However, these are not career goals. Yes, I do have goals for my writing and my blog but not limited to monetary gains. My blog is my medium of expression. The main aim of my blog and its success is that when I write I feel satisfied, competent and it makes me a calm person. Having said that, monetary gains does give you a certain liberty and sense of independence and is also an essential medium to get the content that I write to reach more people.

So, while making money out of blogging is a necessity for me but there are other more significant goals which I would like to share here.

(Read my post on C Is For Calm #DecodingMidlifeand how my blog is my source to make myself calmer person)

My Midlife Goals:

  1. Nurture my passion – my blog.
  2. Enhance my skills- Learn Music and Dance. D Is For Dance #DecodingMidlife
  3. Enjoy time with my tribe of friends who are my sounding boards.
  4. Travel more and explore new places. Observe people and look for stories as I travel.
  5. Face my fears. F Is For Fearless #DecodingMidlife
  6. Plan for change. Be open to changes and devise a plan to deal with them. Write down the plans and keep looking at them all the time.
  7. To learn to multi-task.
  8. Work towards increasing the reach of My Paper- A newspaper for Children which aims to build a reading habit in kids. Being a sub-editor at My Paper added a new dimension to my goals & challenged me in all aspects of working on a newspaper – be it deadlines, content generation & filtration, meeting & understanding people before their interviews & importantly be a just & unbiased person especially when it comes to book – reviews etc.

I am quite hopeful and optimistic that I will be able to enjoy the transitions in my midlife if I manage to stick to my goals.

Do share your life goals. It will help me keep myself motivated to achieve mine.

Food For Thought:

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”- Zig Ziglar

“Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them.” – Les Brown

18 thoughts on “G Is For Goals #DecodingMidlife”

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  3. I have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and post them on paper and a big bulletin board. I also check in with an accountability partner twice a week. So much more gets done when I have to report to someone.

  4. It’s great to have the Goals in a life, especially in the mid-life. I much appreciate your courage to share your goals because people afraid to share their dream or goal with others. Keep going on with your goals.

  5. I like your goals, most of them are similar to my own. Goals give us a direction to walk towards and something to look forward. Agree with you completely. Good luck with your goals 🙂

  6. Almost 90% of what you have written has been going on in my mind since some time now! Making short term goals – for my blog and for myself- has been a top priority. Being fearless, spending time with my girls, looking after myself better, loving myself unconditionally – these are my goals.
    May you be able to fulfil all of your goals and find the happiness that you seek!

  7. Goals are really important, they give direction to life. First towards success is making goals. Truly believe in power of goals, especially written ones. It’s proven time and again those who write goals are more likely to achieve them. Cheers you are halfway there. Have you read goals by Brian Tracey?

  8. This is one thing I always take pride in – I am a self driven and focused person. I have big dreams and am very organised and work relentlessly towards achieving them. One thing that we all need to be mindful of though is there are things beyond our control and we must learn to accept them

  9. I definitely agree with what you said about blogging. It is good to have monetary gains from it but what is more important is the fact that we are satisfied with what we write. I’m also a goal oriented person, but human as I am I fall back at times. For now, my goal is to successfully complete the A to Z Challenge while balancing a busy month at work and other activities.

    1. That’s amazing, Reema. I cannot ever imagine to take up such a gruesome challenge working full time. All the best to you always.

  10. Ah.. and I forgot to mention that it is a pretty cool list of goals, my best wishes to you. I should also take this seriously and make such list . 😛

  11. To be Frank, I am not that good in setting goals. I live and plan things as they come. life keeps on throwing lemons and I keep on making lemonade . 😀 and sometimes I enjoy tequila 😉

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