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Join me in A – Z April Challenge 2018 !

Last year I was a newbie to the blogging world. A week into April I got to know about the A- Z April challenge through few blogger groups on social media. I was amazed at the consistency and dedication with which bloggers wrote for the challenge. While reading their daily posts throughout the month of April, I found my inspiration to write regularly, learn and enhance my writing skills.

At the end of the challenge I had read some amazing blog posts and was introduced to many wonderful bloggers. I also read three e books written by my blogger friends which were published under the guidance of Blogchatter in the e-book carnival. That’s when I learnt more about the wonderful blogger community. I decided I will participate in the challenge next time. The theme for the challenge had already been conceptualized in my mind since then.

But things changed over this one year. I participated in many other blogging challenges. ‘My Friend Alexa’ campaign with BlogChatter being of the most fruitful one for me and my blog. I found a vision for my blog too.

From a personal account of my parenting experiences (About Parent And Kid) my blog went on to become a platform to share my thoughts, my aspirations, my dreams (Aesha’s Musings)

As the buzz around the A to Z challenge increased among the blogger community my excitement to participate also manifested.

My main focus from the challenge is to make my new domain Aesha’s Musings reach a wider audience. I want to broaden my horizons and interact with more people. I want to write on varied topics and not only parenting on my blog now. And the A to Z challenge will help me achieve this objective.

My aspiration from this blogging challenge is exactly that ‘challenge’ myself to write better.

Though in the articles I have read so far, as a guide for the participation in the challenge everyone has mentioned that to successfully complete the challenge one needs to write on a theme which one is most comfortable with. Though I cannot agree more, I have decided not to write on parenting. I plan to move out of my comfort zone and look into the future with the challenge.(More on this when I write the theme reveal post).

By participating in this challenge, I want to explore myself more. Though I might fail, but I am sure I will learn and the experience which will only help me better myself and my blog in the future.

I have experienced failure and I am not scared of it anymore. I have learnt to get up and approach life with hope to succeed.

So that’s my aspiration for my blog and myself from A2Z blogging challenge –

Write, Interact, Learn and Succeed.

So Join me

I am taking the Challenge of April with BlogChatter, are you?

8 thoughts on “Join me in A – Z April Challenge 2018 !”

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    1. Sure. Make a profile on Blogchatter website. Google Blogchatter. Only check out with them if you need a registered domain to participate. If you need more info DM me

  2. Thats a great learning for sure Aesha- such blog challenges push a blogger to write daily and consistently plus read about how and what others out there are writing. Its a great way to network and as you said also push your blog into the right niche- all the best with it.. See you in the AtoZ….

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