Kids Never Cease To Amaze Me!

The 21st-century kids Amaze Me. Today is a proud and a happy moment for me, as the founder of this blog but more importantly as a mother. A few days back one of my dearest online friend ;(yes, I haven’t met her yet), but some relations are beyond meeting someone in person and Anupama Dalmia is one such friend, informed me about a Teacher’s Day contest that she had planned on her website for children. She wanted my site’s youngest contributor- my daughter, to participate too as she had read the stories written by her on this site.

Stories On Honesty By A 8 Year Old

My daughter was very excited to participate and started working on it immediately. I was amazed at her enthusiasm and determination to give her best.

The results of the competition were announced today and she bagged the first prize for her essay ‘An Ode To My Favourite Teacher’. I was told by Anupama that the judges had a tough time to decide on the winners and the top prize has been shared by Mishti and Shreyas Saboo. They scored the exact same points. This goes on to show the bundle of talent that these young minds are and how a little bit of encouragement can make them shine.

An Ode To My Favourite Teacher

Kids never cease to amaze me! I read all the essays across all age categories and I was highly impressed. I want the readers of my blog to also read all these essays. So do visit the link below:

Teachers Day Contest Essays

Stories On Honesty By A 8-Year-Old– The award-winning story.

Do share your thoughts on the same and feel free to share stories written by your kids too. I will be more than happy to publish it on my site.

Fill up this contact form.

Reading the essays have inspired me to start a children’s corner category on my blog.

I am linking this post to #MondayMusings as it’s a very happy moment for me and I would like to share this moment with my blogger friends.

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9 thoughts on “Kids Never Cease To Amaze Me!”

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  2. Congratulations to Mishti and the proud parents. I think it is admirable that a child her age is so focussed and can apply thought to paper. It also speaks highly of your parenting and the values you have imbibed in her upbringing, so pat yourself on the back too mommy.

  3. Well your daughter getting an award for the essay only goes on to prove that she might have some talent passed on by you. Nevertheless, I have marked the essays by kids post and will will catch up on it soon.

  4. Congrats Mishti and Aesha !!! I could imagine how proud you will feel for her. My love and hugs to her, Please do encourage her always. Happy to connect with you for #MyFriendAlexa !!!

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