L Is For Laughter #DecodingMidlife

Laughter– The action or sound of laughing.

My friends used to tell me, I make funny head movements while I laugh and that makes them laugh even more. I would get conscious about that initially, but then would feel, ‘What the heck! I should just be my natural self and should be proud that I can make people laugh!’

Most of the times I always wear a smile. But the past few days have been stressful for me.  So, yesterday evening when I went to drop my daughter to her class, her coach observed that I am in some deep thought and not my usual self. It was so obvious that he asked me if everything was alright. I immediately laughed it off, but yes, I had been stressed and it showed.

Generally, women in 40’s seem to have a frown more than a smile. Maybe because we, women shoulder many responsibilities. And most of the times, something would be playing on our minds.

Just recently, I have started watching funny videos every day before bedtime. I know, ideally, I should keep away the gadget 30 minutes prior to bedtime but watching these videos just makes me crack up and release the stress accumulated during the day.

Laughter is known to reduce stress and even assist with depression and anxiety. When we laugh, endorphin is released. This then helps you to feel good all over. I have observed that I sleep really well on the days I have watched funny videos or the reruns of my favourite sitcom ‘Friends’.

So, in order to not always depend on the phone for my daily dose of laughter, I have decided to read more funny books. I haven’t read many authors in this genre before so it would be great if anyone reading this post could help me with some recommendations. I have read few P.G. Woodhouse books during my schooling years and that’s about it.

 Also, I like to watch the stand -up comedy videos and now plan to attend one gig every month instead of going to watch a movie. Live performances are much more entertaining. And it would be a treat to be a part of the audience and experience fun first hand.

I guess these will help me to keep away the frown and maintain the smile on my face in my midlife. And I will not be ‘the grumpy aunt’ everyone despises.

There can’t be any other quote to conclude my post today. As they say,

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

21 thoughts on “L Is For Laughter #DecodingMidlife”

  1. Laugh and the world laughs with you; Cry and you shade a tear alone! I think its the best revelation of the midlife. So its better to be with the world and laugh.

  2. I do watch funny shows, movie, or stand up comedies myself. I haven’t tried reading funny books. I will give it a try soon 🙂 Good to read this post!

  3. A well written post, Aesha. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.It helps in keeping the balance between endorphin & serotonin. Only one thing is missing and that is your video making funny head movements while laughing.

  4. Laughter is so very much needed. Taking care of the house, children and husband, it’s true we tend to forget to laugh. I too make it a point to watch at least 1 episode of FRIENDS or Big Bang Theory every day. It makes me crack up and I feel better and ready to take on the world again. Sometimes I wonder if I should do this in the morning, so that I can start the day on a funny note.

  5. Laughter is your birthright, a natural part of life that is innate and inborn. Begin by setting aside special times to seek out humor and laughter, as you might with working out, and build from there. Eventually, you’ll want to incorporate humor and laughter into the fabric of your life, finding it naturally in everything you do.

  6. I haven’t read funny book I used to like watching “How I met your mother?” Watching live gigs is a good idea, I heard there are many that happen in Bombay, All Khatri for instance.

    1. Yes There are good stand up comics in Mumbai. I particularly like Aditi Mittal & Amit Tandon. Sometimes I watch kenny sebestian too , he is good. I want to attend their live shows now. Canvas laugh factory has good stand up comics too

  7. I follow “laugh your feelings out”. That really helps. True facts about laughing out loud, as you said. Still there are people who discriminate when a woman laughs out loud. Reading funny books helps u.. I can suggest you Alex stand up comedy, Evam karthik, google for Singapore Mr Kumar stand up comedy. You will never wake up with a frown anymore. L is for Love is in the Air.

  8. ok now im going to say something funny and watch you like a hawk. i want to see that head shake. what lovely thougts Aesha. its always a good idea to sleep happy. whether it is a good show or a book going to bed with all the tensions rubbed away is a great thing to do.

    1. ?, I do go bonkers when I laugh out loud. Sometimes Hirak hushes me too.. he is jealous , I live a happier life than him ?

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