My 5 Reasons On Why To Blog

From a free personal blog on WordPress to a parenting site About Parent And Kid to Aesha’s Musings. It has been quite an odyssey.

My regular readers do know about my journey and write to me to share their honest opinion on my blog. Many tell me that they have seen me grow as a blogger and a writer. Such words of encouragement motivate me to keep pushing my limits and strive for excellence.

The article that I wish to share here was originally written on my free blog almost two years ago. I have edited it the same to better it. So, that’s the shift that I am referring to. Going forward not only I want to shift the focus to keep it more interactive but also more participative in its nature.

I started to blog when I was going through a phase of being a lonely mom. I had many parenting doubts and was dealing with quite a few personal challenges. So blogging helped me immensely to deal with these challenges. Wouldn’t you feel good when you are thinking about something and are indecisive and somebody shares their story on the same? It certainly eases your situation you are in.


Here I shall list five reasons why you should start blogging.

1. Great way to vent your feelings:

Do you face a situation when you are confused about something and would want to share with someone but are also worried about being judged? If you start to blog, you can connect with like-minded people and share your feelings. It is a great outlet to write to share your frustrations. I know as a mom most of your time goes away tending to every small need of your child and at the end of the day you wait for that one moment you can have time for yourself. My suggestion from my personal experience to write about your day and relax. I am sure it’ll help. It did help me tremendously.

 2. Make friends:

Take my word for it. I am an introvert person and do not make friends easily. I am shy to approach people and wait for others to make the first move. But blogging changed me. As I started to write and read more personal stories, I connected with other mothers in some way which was so different. Imagine you haven’t met them but know so much about them. Seems like some karmic connection.

3.Build your network:

Also you can develop a network for yourself. And it doesn’t matter what you choose to blog about. It could be parenting, food or travel, once you start sharing your stories and promoting on social media you shall build your network with people who share your interests and enthusiasm.

4. Earn money:

Yes, initially you will need to give time to build your network, learn to promote and develop your blogging skills but you will make money eventually. You won’t get rich but if you have decided to be a stay at home mom then it’s an ideal way to make some extra cash. It shall give you the pleasure of using your time productively and some financial independence.

5. Develop your hobbies:

You love to read, blog about your favourite books. Start a community. You are good at craftwork, share DIY activities on your blog or YouTube. You love to travel, share pictures of places you visited, share everything about your adventures. I believe the maximum satisfaction a person gets if one can make one’s hobby their profession or source of earning. And the satisfaction is incomparable to anything else when someone comments on your blogs and appreciates it.

I bet when you go back and read your articles and the comments you will feel an amazing sense of enjoyment and contentment. Today when I read my blogs I wrote a year ago, I feel I have learnt so much about myself, how I have changed positively as a human being and the skills I have developed.
I have always been writing a journal since a very young age and I didn’t want anyone to read it. You know, secret journal but see how times have changed. Now I want more people to read my articles and my musings. I want them to follow my blog.

So do keep coming back to Aesha’s Musings and don’t forget to comment.

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Happy Reading And Writing!


  1. This is such a cool post to highlight the importance of blogging to develop a network, fit the pure joy of writing and obviously monetising it.

  2. Yes on every point! Starting out as a blogger is easy, but staying on the course is tough if you don’t have those fellow blogger friends.

  3. it is a great post and you had shared really great points. indeed, blogging is an amazing journey that has changed lives of so many women like us. it is a great way not only express your feelings, also give an excellent opportunity to live your dreams as well.another side, it always feel great to get connected with like minded people through this awesome journey.

    • Thanks for reading Neha. I will surely check out your post as well. Motherhood can become daunting but I am glad we could write & express ourselves through blogging . This certainly helped me release negativity.

  4. Wow…gave me a push towards writing. So many things runs in our mind, you wants to share them with can’t because of the fear of being judged n rejection..
    Thank you for the beautiful writeup.

    • You should do it.. Read my previous posts too and you will get an idea how I have evolved as a mother & a writer .
      Thanks for the appreciation and encouragement. Keep Reading & best wishes for writing. Go for it

  5. Blogging is all about letting out your innermost thoughts! That’s what makes a blog feel and sound honest. And you do it so well, Aesha! I have never kept a journal, but surprisingly, I am not shy about posting my private details for everyone to know. Social media, really makes us social! 🙂

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