S Is For Solitude

S Is For Solitude

Have you ever done nothing? Absolutely nothing. Think about it. 

I always thought being in solitude is sitting alone and doing the things you love. So, while I was doing the Pursuit of balance course, during one of our Sunday live call, someone asked Shayamal, “ What do we do when we sit in solitude?” We had learnt about why being in solitude for sometime during the day helps during that week. So, it was obvious that this question would pop up in anyone’s mind. Shayamal smiled, paused for a bit and said,”you do nothing”. You don’t read, write or do any other thing. You just sit. Either keep your eyes closed to concentrate or learn to meditate or keep them open to observe around and just sit. That is the true meaning of being in solitude. 

It’s so wonderful if you are able to spend time just with yourself doing nothing. Isn’t it such a blissful state that it doesn’t bother you that you are doing nothing, not thinking about the tasks at hand, not thinking about your future, trying to focus on your breath and do nothing else. 

I am trying it since few months. I wake up before dawn and sit all alone while its all still around on my swing, and just be. It’s difficult to keep away any kind of thoughts and its a journey to achieve that, but I am at a stage now wherein I am able to re focus on my breath if my mind starts to wander. And after just 15 minutes of being in this state of complete solitude, I feel energised and truly happy. 

During the difficult times that we are facing, I think giving yourself this 15 minutes of solitude just before anyone wakes up, will help you face the reality of life with more inner strength. When you are unable to gain strength from the external environment, look within yourself and you will find solutions. And solitude will help you in the process. 

Do practice it and let me know if it helped. 

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