Y Is For Youthful #Decoding Midlife

Youthful is defined as young or seeming young.

I remember one of my friend from school wouldn’t be too excited about her birthday. She didn’t like the fact that she aged a year more. Maybe if I ask her today she might not feel the same or she would feel even worse. I guess it’s all about your attitude. Feeling old is also a matter of attitude.  Age should be perceived as just a number.

 I read somewhere; age is a ‘state of mind’. True, Isn’t it?

It shouldn’t matter how old you are. It is your approach towards your life, your attitude to stay youthful which matters.

I never hide my age. I flaunt it. People are surprised when I tell them I am 38 years old. I just love that feeling. Not because I don’t look 38 to them but because my age doesn’t matter to me. I live in the moment and right now, I am feeling youthful. Being youthful for me is to be open to new things and enjoy life my way. It has nothing to do with outside beauty, feeling youthful is all about your mind and outlook towards life.

Most middle-aged people lose self -confidence due to their appearance. The greying hair, wearing reading glasses, lack of fashion options bothers them. And I wonder why? You can get your hair coloured, get a cool pair of glasses – make it your style, there are numerous options to feel youthful if appearance matters to you. Like I never wore high heels when I was in my 20’s. But I do wear now. I am super comfortable in a 6 -inch heel too. I love my high heeled footwear. One should just choose to wear whatever they are comfortable with irrespective of their age or trends. Some women look elegant in grey hair too. I just love the way in which Jaya Bachchan carries her grey hair with Elan. I think it is a great style statement.

So here are few tips for keeping yourself youthful

  1. Challenge yourself to learn something new. I am learning Dance. And it’s so liberating.
  2. Never stop reading.
  3. Spend me-time. Spend some time in solitude to read or listen to music. Engage yourself in any hobby.
  4. It’s very important. Go for a walk, or exercise in a gym or yoga. Choose any form that you like but do it. Choose a sport maybe. Read my post on how to stay Kinesthetic during midlife.
  5. Go on a date night. Keep the  Romance Alive.
  6. Travel and explore new places and cultures.
  7. Be fearless and step out of your comfort zone.

I have found the secret to feeling youthful during midlife, I hope you all find it too.

Signing off with a simple yet profound quote by Pablo Picasso.

“Youth has no age”


16 thoughts on “Y Is For Youthful #Decoding Midlife”

  1. True that Aesha, youth has no age, and age is just a number. It really doesn’t matter to me when friends often call me looking older and more than my age. I know inside I am happy and at peace. Lovely post.

  2. Shirley Corder

    Well done and I couldn’t agree more. I am 73 – and I’m not old. My body sometimes lets me down, but that’s just one of these things. Hey, it let me down when I was a kid too and I had my appendix out! Nearly done! 2nd last letter of the alphabet in the 2018 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Y is for Yes!

    1. Of course you will. I am taking exercise tips from you now to keep myself fit & youthful

  3. Wow,Aesha…so proud of you.You did a great job from A-Y…Read all Ur article, superb.All your articles speak so true.It gives answers to many of our questions.I m now waiting for the last one Z .Yes youthfulness is beautiful..Youth has no age.

    1. Thanks a lot Madhu.. It was exhausting but yes not it’s done. Have scheduled the last post Z for Monday and I am sure for a few days there will be a feeling of vacuum .

  4. Absolutely.. Youth is all a state of your mind. I always emphasise and as you have said, to learn something new. It creates a whole lot of excitement to get going in life.

  5. As you are nearing 40, you realize you are not troubled by how you look anymore. You don’t have self doubts like you had when you were in your late teens or 20s. YOu are comfortable in the way you look. And that’s one of the best things of midlife.

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