10 Simple Measures To Protect Your Child’s Health This Monsoon.

Today’s newspapers in Mumbai state that monsoon will arrive with a bang and Mumbaikars should expect downpour this weekend. Since the past few days, Mumbai has already experienced the pre-monsoon showers and I was getting a bit worried about the waterborne and airborne diseases that monsoon will bring along with it.

Monsoon does bring a welcome respite from the summer heat and we want children to enjoy the rains just like we did when we were kids but the change in weather affects children’s immunity and brings various ailments like a cough, cold, viral fever, diarrhoea etc too.

The time since rain starts pouring in my motherly worries also starts pouring in. We mothers are always concerned about our child’s health and want them to stay fit always.

However, I can’t be with my daughter all the time. She has to go to the school where she is vulnerable to catch any viral infection or when she plays around with her friends during the rainy season in the garden, she can be susceptible to airborne infections. I have to create a protective cover for her which would always protect her 24*7 against all diseases.

My daughter doesn’t like to miss a single day of her swimming class irrespective of the weather conditions. Even if it is raining heavily she has to be there for her class. I appreciate her dedication towards the sport but sometimes I worry get worried about her. I was concerned that being in cold water should not affect her health.

I am constantly be looking out for ways and means to protect her from the diseases and build her immunity so that her routine does not get disturbed and she can enjoy the rainy season.

Here are few measures I take for the same:

1. Most monsoon diseases are waterborne so I avoid giving any water-based drinks from outside vendors. Also, I am very cautious about the water that she drinks when out of the home. I always avoid adding ice to fruit juices and cold drinks too.

2. I make it a point to use steel water bottles and clean it more carefully. It is also important that the bottles are dry before we refill water the next day.

3. In order to prevent food poisoning, I always give warm food to my daughter.

4. I make sure I wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

5. I give fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C and E regularly as it helps in building immunity and increases resistance to diseases.

6. I give my daughter homemade chyawanprash daily with a glass of warm milk as the Ayurvedic properties of the same help in building immunity.

7. I always keep indoor plants clean and ensure that the trays lying underneath flowering pots are dry as stagnant water are breeding places for mosquitoes and they can transmit malaria, dengue and chikungunya. You could also use the variety of mosquito repellent patches, sprays and creams available in the market nowadays to protect kids from insects during monsoons while they go out to play.

8. Though I allow my daughter to get wet in rains but advise her to not splash around in the stagnant water puddles while walking on the roads after the rains.

9. Sometimes my daughter forgets to wash her hands and so I keep reminding her to wash them properly with soap and water especially during monsoon. This is very simple but we tend to ignore these small measures.

10. Children need to be vaccinated for influenza regularly as well to protect them from viruses. I wasn’t aware of this earlier and I am planning to get it done before monsoon sets in.

10 Simple Measures To Protect Your Child’s Health This Monsoon.

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These are very simple tips, however, these small measures help in keeping diseases at bay. I hope these tips help all the mothers to take proper care of their children during the rainy season. If we know our kids are protected against the diseases we can let them be themselves and enjoy the rains.

So, let the rains not dampen their spirits!! Let kids be kids!

5 thoughts on “10 Simple Measures To Protect Your Child’s Health This Monsoon.”

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  2. Totally agree. Its the monsoon time and the dreaded time of the year for every mom. Infections and allergies are all around. There are precautions we moms must take to sail through these months smoothly.

  3. This is much needed post Aesha, monsoons bring respite from scorching heat but also get some lurking infections along. We cannot stop kids from having fun in rains, but definitely contain infections.

  4. Rains are so welcome after the terrible heat, but you are right it brings so many diseases too. I avoid outside food and drinks in this season, but chyavanprash is a good thing to give to children. Will also start giving it to my daughter if she is willing to take it.

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