It’s a girl- #Having a Baby changes Everything

Most of us are wary of change and resist change. But motherhood is a change which most women want to make in their life. I was very excited when I learnt about my pregnancy as I was waiting anxiously for a couple of years for that ‘DAY” when I would take that home pregnancy test.

I had planned I would take the test in the presence of my husband and we would be like all excited (as they show in the advertisements and movies).

However, I couldn’t contain my excitement and didn’t wait for that best time in the morning to take the test and just took it in his absence. I was all alone at home and saw those two lines. I was shivering, crying, all emotions of happiness, anxiety, excitement was what I felt at that moment. I wanted to hug someone… anyone for that matter to compose myself but there was no one around. I started making calls to my parents but they wouldn’t pick up, I called my mother in law she wouldn’t pick up, I called my sister in law she wouldn’t pick up. It was like God wanted me to feel this moment alone when I realise there is a child inside me in the making.

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It’s a girl

Author’s note: This blog post was firstly published on Momspresso website as an entry for a contest.

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